This is a story about a girl named Aariyah and her little brother named Alex. They arent your average rich and wealthy kind of kids, infact, they are anything but.
Aariyah and Alex have been homeless for quite sometime, can a possible switch of families possibly change their lives?


2. "Make A Wish, Alex"

-Aariyahs P.O.V- 


       "Come on, Alex....we have to go." I tell Alex as i get up and wipe my clothes off and try to put up my very messy and tangled hair. Alex gets up and I brush the leaves out of his dirty, too dirty, brown hair. "This will all be over soon, Alex...we just have to hope." I give my little brother a hug and we grab our belongings and start trying to find food. We walk and walk and walk....the day seems to pass by as it gets hotter and hotter. We kept walking until we found a dumpster behind a restaurant. I know, it sounds nasty...but when you are poor and homeless..this is what you have to do. I help my brother get into the dumpster as I hold out my bag, trying to catch everything he throws out. After he is done I help him out of the dumpster. He found Italian bread, left over spaghetti, Some soda in a bottle, and some rice. This should last us maybe a day or two if we keep our eating solid. I put the food in my bag and we set off again trying to look for a new place to camp out. My little brother looks sick and small. I try to find an enclosed park with a shelter. After a few more hours of walking, I finally find the park that I am looking for.

     "Sissy, I dont want to live like this anymore...." I hear my brother faintly say as we are eating a small portion of the food he found. I look at him, sadly. "I know Alex...and im sorry..." I look away with tears in my eyes...seeing him like this makes me depressed. I got taken out of my thoughts when I seen a shooting star.  

"Make A Wish, Alex"


Hey there, Its the Author to this story....I know it might not seem good right now, but just stick with me and tell me what you think so far.  Lots of love XOXOXO

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