Awkward much?

A story about Cheri and her akward love life in middle school along with her friends.


1. Introduction

Hello! My name is Cheri Otsuki, but just call me Cheri. I'm in 6th grade, i play football and i love anime, that's why i don't have much friends and pretty akward around eveyone. I'm only 6th grade but i have an A cup burst (adult size), which is pretty big for my grade, so boys always pick up on me because of that, but i don't care much. I can play an ukulele but i played alot of anime dating sim game (because i'm single and anime boys are hot), i write ALOT of love fanfictions, mostly about some of my crushes and my bestfriend's crushes. I know that it's weird that a girl like me have friends, which i'm going to tell you about now with my and their crushes:

Midori Ayano is my bestest of friends. She is a little bit chubby but it makes her look cute. Her apperience are nothing to her personaility. She is the sassiest person that i have met but she is very nice. She is in love gywith Rei Kotomo, he is grade 8 and he plays basketball.

Mio Fiérce somehow became bestie despite how diffrence we are. First of, she is very pretty, probbaly because her dad is French and her mother is Korean which she brags about...alot. She is the number one bragger and gossiper but she treats me and Midori very nice so as long as me and my anime and friends are safe then i don't give a fuck (and yes, we swear in 6th grade, who knew how messed up kids can be in this part of time). Kutsu Kira is her crush, he likes shoes and also play football, and yes, he is a friend of Rei.

Zelda Prez (yes, she is forgein) is my childhood friend, even now she still is my bestfriend. Even though she spents more time with me, she still isn't as close with me as me and Midori. She is pretty chubby and cute looking. The thing i don't like about her is she has a very low tempature and shout to people when something isn't "perfect" as she planned. She doesn't have a crush because she wants a perfect guy that have to be perfect from the top of the head to the tip of the toes and nice in the bottom of the heart.... JESUS! MOST OF MY FRIENDS ARE SO DIFFRENT TO ME HOW ARE WE EVEN FRIENDS?!

And me? Yes, i have talk about myself at the beginning but now is my crush.


Yuri Yamado...

He is the only male that i found attractive besides the anime hotties. He is so perfect. Diffrent from the other guys, his hair is long, don't worry! I'm not that weird! His hair is just as long to his neck, not like the kind of China prince in the history! His face is thin, a little bit pale and shaped v line. He has round golden glasses which looks exactly like Harry Potter's glasses.

I remember every part of the first time when i met him...

Grade 4, in the football field...


The boys shout at me in the field, the football club have already started and i still need to fiz my sport sneakers. I quickly tie my sneakers and ran in full speed to the field, too fast that i can feel the wind blowing my bangs out, and it was almost summer there isn't any wind. When i got in the field, the boys were waving and smilling at me, i smile back and walk to them, but while i was walking


A football hit my legs and i fall to the ground, barried my face in the fake grass. My vision got blurry then turn black for a moment. It sounds to much but trust me, i am a pretty weak girl and the ball was flying to me in a speed that was faster then The Flash... At least for me...

5 minutes later...

I felt someone gently slap my cheek. I open my eyes and see Mio and Midori, the boys and a bounch of 6th graders

Mio screamed in joy:

- "She's awake!!"

Everyone looked at me, i slowly sit up with the help of Midori and Mio. I look around and realized that i'm in the nurse room, wow! Was my head hit that hard? I put my hand on my forehead and felt something soft, it was a big white thing wrapped around my forehead. The nurse come to me and pad my back:

-" You hit your head pretty hard young lady, too hard that you passed out!"

She gave me a worried smile as she said. I widen my eyes and give her a "Really?" as respond. She nodded and head back to her desk. Mio and Midori look at me and asked

-"Yeah, what happned in the field? Slow the game down Cheri! You got us all worried!"

I was about to say something then a 6th grade boy stand up with his group of friends and walk to me. He said in his low manly voice:

-" She didn't do anything, my friend kicked the ball to her, it hit her legs and she fell upwards, hit her head, she bleed and pass out"

His friend said sorry to me, i smiled and nodded as a "it's okay" the boy sit nexts to me, he has short curly hair and round golden glasses. He pad my shoulders and said

-" Sorry about that one, hope you're better"

I frozed at that moment, his beauty caught my eyes. His lips curled into a smile after talking to me. I stare straight into his eyes, not saying a word like an idiot. He chuckle and leave the room. I watched as they leave the nurse room. I felt my heart skipped a beat. At that momment, he pretty much light up a part of my life


What were i thinking? He was so friendly backthen, and now he's just a quiet and cold guy, and i got even more and more akward and obnoxcious over the time, and it leads us to the next chapter, where an akward story begins..

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