The Darkness In Us

A failed lab experiment

Vampires coming out of the shadows

Case and Jess's life were ripped apart as the world fell at their feet.

Jess was a rock climber but soon got into scaling rocks and she could be found at the shooting range after school. Once the world fell it became a way of survival. She always has a book in her bag to keep busy but quiet when
taking a break.

Case was a zombie apocalypse believer with her family and trained almost everyday. They were called crazy but once it happened they were the ones surviving.
Now she uses a crossbow and uses all her life skills.


7. Chapter 7: Case

"WHOA WAIT WHAT?!" This was all happening so fast. It's like when your birthday comes and you don't have to do shit and you get the TV and it lasts a whole day, but only feels like an hour or so. You didn't have to be a genius to guess what I did next. I, obviously, took off running for my life. 

  I ran straight back to the woods. Hearing a bunch of twigs and leafs being crunched behind me so close they probably could have grabbed me. I saw a house and ran toward it hoping ANYONE could even somewhat help me. I bust in the door to see an unconscious Jess on the floor. I mean thank God she was there! I've been looking for her since this apocalypse started to make sure she was alright. I shake her awake hard and pull her up as she was still half asleep.

"JESS OH MY GOD YOU'RE ALIVE!!" I yelled as I hugged her tight. As soon as I did though I heard the door slam shut behind me. I mean shit if I was gonna get trapped in a house I'm glad it would be with the one person I had been looking for. It also helped she was armed and I just happened to not be.

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