The Darkness In Us

A failed lab experiment

Vampires coming out of the shadows

Case and Jess's life were ripped apart as the world fell at their feet.

Jess was a rock climber but soon got into scaling rocks and she could be found at the shooting range after school. Once the world fell it became a way of survival. She always has a book in her bag to keep busy but quiet when
taking a break.

Case was a zombie apocalypse believer with her family and trained almost everyday. They were called crazy but once it happened they were the ones surviving.
Now she uses a crossbow and uses all her life skills.


5. Chapter 5: Case

"Don't take that tone with me, you disgusting human." The voice had said with disgust. I had trying pulling my arms free. It was as pointless as a broken pencil. I looked up completely helpless to see a tall man dressed in black. He looked to be about 17 but the wisdom behind his grey eyes hinted older. I look in awe at his porcine white skin and messy jet black hair hanging just before his eyes.

"Who are you calling a human? I'm obviously a dog." I snarled at him which caught him off guard. His grip loosened and I twisted my arms free, grabbing my crossbow. I raise to slam it against his so-called perfect face. If you could call it that. As it collided with his jaw all it seemed to was move his head. I can't say my bow had the same luck. In a swift movement, he grabbed it slamming it to the ground with such force it broke into 4 pieces scattering away.

"WHAT THE HELL MAN?!" I screamed as I looked at my weapon in horror. Tears welled up in my eyes as I picked up the broken pieces.
"It's just a weapon calm down." The man said.
"Who ARE you?!" I said with a broken voice. He answered with a devious tone in his voice as though he was almost proud of what he was about to say.
"I'm the man who's about to end your life."

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