The Darkness In Us

A failed lab experiment

Vampires coming out of the shadows

Case and Jess's life were ripped apart as the world fell at their feet.

Jess was a rock climber but soon got into scaling rocks and she could be found at the shooting range after school. Once the world fell it became a way of survival. She always has a book in her bag to keep busy but quiet when
taking a break.

Case was a zombie apocalypse believer with her family and trained almost everyday. They were called crazy but once it happened they were the ones surviving.
Now she uses a crossbow and uses all her life skills.


4. Chapter 4: Jess

Using my empty hand to push myself up I turn around and walk ways from the edge and look around standing on my toes to get a good look at the edges of the roof.   I reach up for my hair that's tied back and rip the hair tye out of my hair slipping the tye onto my wrist not waiting for a second and shake my hair out so it falls messily covering my shoulders.   Some things seem really easy but they aren't. m hair is kept at shoulder length no longer and no shorter. Both are threats to my safety.   A few rules that I have are 1.Don't ever let a vampire get one drop of blood. 2. Never wear bright flashy colors. 3.Always shoot a vampire at least three times, and an infected needs their head cut off. 4. Whenever in the presence of a vampire ALWAYS take the heart of the chest.   Every day I live by these rules and if I broke one then I would be dead.I raise my gun as I feel a sudden presence behind me. Dead and cold just like the bastards that need some bullets in the heart.

 "You think that you could shoot me, little girl? Try again." His hand pulls my hair away from my shoulder. I stand completely still gripping my guns in my hands.

No you cant let this creep get this close he may have a hot face but he has a pretty shitty attitude.

I lift my gun to a little past my side and point it at the vampire." Move away now old man before I make you." I count to ten and pull the trigger.   A satisfying gush of the silver vervain-soaked bullet right under his chest. Turning myself around I take advantage of the moment and try to kick his fresh wound but I miss.   Groaning in irritation I hold my guns in front of me and shoot them both at the same time, shooting him two extra times.   "Eat that you piece of shit."   I grab my bag and jump down onto a dumpster and roll a few times on the ground to break my fall the rest of the way. I need to get out of this town and check to see if my friend is still alive.
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