The Darkness In Us

A failed lab experiment

Vampires coming out of the shadows

Case and Jess's life were ripped apart as the world fell at their feet.

Jess was a rock climber but soon got into scaling rocks and she could be found at the shooting range after school. Once the world fell it became a way of survival. She always has a book in her bag to keep busy but quiet when
taking a break.

Case was a zombie apocalypse believer with her family and trained almost everyday. They were called crazy but once it happened they were the ones surviving.
Now she uses a crossbow and uses all her life skills.


3. Chapter 3: Case

BOOM! There I was. Standing there with my baby. As one of the infected slowly stepped closer and closer. I was out of arrows. I couldn't figure what the hell to do. It was like I was frozen. However, being cornered didn't exactly help. I raise my crossbow high over my head ready to strike as I tried not to scream for dear life. It would only attract more of them and what's always on my mind is survival.      In a swift quick movement, I slammed my baby onto its head with all the strength I had left. I was so sick of being in this world. I was sick to my stomach Everytime I thought about my past life. This was a horrible thing that has happened and prepared or not I didn't want to go through all this.     I stood there beating the infected with all my might. Tears had streamed down my face. Yes even though I'm tough I do need to cry every once in a while. Say anything and you'll meet the same fate as this infected. Anyways I was sick of surviving. I'm sick of doing only that. I wanted to live. I used to want to live in fictional worlds. Now I just envy what my life used to be. So much anger had built inside me since my parents died. Before I knew what had happened, my arms were grabbed onto by pale hands. They were heavily scarred, but warm like a summer nights breeze. I froze in complete fear.     "You want your life back?" I heard an unfamiliar voice as smooth as butter glide across the air. I knew the voice belonged to the hands I was staring at in fear.    "No, I'm so happy; always fighting to survive. I mean seriously who doesn't love all the pain that comes with losing your family and everyone you knew and loved. It's great." I poured more sarcasm into that one sentence than I ever have in my entire life. If I was gonna go down, I had to have a killer one-liner for people to remember me by.  
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