The Darkness In Us

A failed lab experiment

Vampires coming out of the shadows

Case and Jess's life were ripped apart as the world fell at their feet.

Jess was a rock climber but soon got into scaling rocks and she could be found at the shooting range after school. Once the world fell it became a way of survival. She always has a book in her bag to keep busy but quiet when
taking a break.

Case was a zombie apocalypse believer with her family and trained almost everyday. They were called crazy but once it happened they were the ones surviving.
Now she uses a crossbow and uses all her life skills.


2. Chapter 2: Jess

 I look up from the book I've been trying to finish and look around myself. If I'm not careful, another infected could find me right along with a vampire.     I remember about two years ago I was sitting on my couch and every device that we owned had turned on and a red alert signal that said "Zombie-like creatures are on the loose in the following cities and are spreading. Vampires are real and they are taking over. Prepare yourselves." That was the last thing I had ever seen on a screen that worked.       Coming out of my memories I look around and close my eyes, quieting my breathing. The rush of quiet footsteps in the distance gets closer with every passing second as I listen. deciding to get out of this alleyway, I stuff my book into my side pouch and hop up onto the side of the wall and work my way up it climbing with ease.      Once climbing over to the roofs rough edge and looking down I see, a man in a clean tux and windblown blonde hair. I lay myself down on the surface of the roof and look over the edge with just my eyes peeking over.       "I know you're up there girl, you think I can't hear you?" He turned his head up and looked at me with sky blue eyes that made everything around me disappear. I pull my eyes away from his face and reach to my waist for one of my pistols.   As I hold it in front of me I aim then look away from the gun.The man no longer stood under me on the ground.    


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