Power pals 1- Rosemary's revenge

Hope, Dawn and Kelly meets a new girl who they hate, can Dawn keep Hope away enough?


3. Trouble

'I know you hate Rosemary,  we all do but please Don't burn her like the 45 other people you hated,' Dawn told Hope at break time.

'I'm not going to, ' Hope said back. But Rosemary was listening in. 

'She has fire powers,' Rosemary mumbled to herself,  'interesting.'

'You know how much trouble you will be in.'

'I promise you,  I'm not going to hurt her,' Hope said, 'Come on let's do our English homework.'

Hope, Dawn and Kelly walked away, still talking , leaving Rosemary there to wonder how to get Hope into trouble. It didn't take any time for her to think how to get Hope into trouble, just before she went home she put a chair in the teachers lounge. After school, she went to shops and got rope, a pan and a professional makeup artist. The next day, which was Tuesday, Rosemary set off for her revenge.

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