Power pals 1- Rosemary's revenge

Hope, Dawn and Kelly meets a new girl who they hate, can Dawn keep Hope away enough?


1. Rosemary the troublemaker

'Move,' Rosemary said, pushing between Hope and Dawn and speed walking so she was in front of them by quite a bit. 

'Who is she?' Hope asked moving back to where she was.

'She's Rosemary,' Kelly said.

Dawn held onto Hope's right hand,  one to calm her down but two (most importantly) to make sure Hope wouldn't use her power to burn Rosemary on fire,  they all had powers.  Hope's was fire/lava,  Dawn was water/ice and Kelly's was to fix broken object with the click of her finger. 

'Isn't she the girl who got my sister into trouble? 'Hope asked, sounding half curious,  half annoyed. 

Dawn gripped onto her hand more firmly.

'I think so,  I think she_'

Kelly was interrupted by Dawn who pointed at her hand which was gripping Hope's.

'Oh sorry I forgot we were on a record for the last time Hope tried to burn something down, '

'Apart from a letter from the principle and a few leaves I guess I am on a record. How long is my record for?' Hope asked. 

'Five days,  good for you but other people can go years or they're whole life without burning something.'

'Don't judge me and people use fire for a lot of things,  bunsen burners, camp fires, torches, candles,  Nedd I go on?'

Both Kelly and Dawn shook their heads.

They all stopped because they wet in front of a busy road,  after half a minute a car finally stopped for them and they all crossed. 

'I'd like in the future for their to be flying cars so there wouldn't be as much traffic,' Hope said. 

'Don't set them on fire,' Kelly said, smiling and both Kelly and Dawn started laughing but Hope just rolled her eyes.

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