Power pals 1- Rosemary's revenge

Hope, Dawn and Kelly meets a new girl who they hate, can Dawn keep Hope away enough?


4. Revenge

'Miss, I need to go to the nurses office,' I have a terrible cramp.'

'Okay, Alex do you want to_'

'NO.' Rosemary shouted interrupting the teacher and interrupting a blond girl who was standing up.

There was silence in the classroom.

'No?' the teacher asked in a don't-be-rude way.

'I mean, I would prefer to go with Hope.'

The teacher looked at Hope who looked more confused than she was, the teacher then looked at Dawn and lip sank ' What do you think?'

Dawn just shrugged.

'Nothing is going to happen, I just wanted to talk to her on the way there and try and be friends.'

'Okay you too go now, see you guys later,' the teacher said, she turned to Dawn. 'Do you want to come with?'

'No, Hope will be fine,' Rosemary said.

'She's right, Hope will be fine,' Dawn said.

Yes, Rosemary thought as she and Hope walked out. They didn't talk until they were nearly there and that was when Rosemary held Hope's hand and turned left to the teachers lounge even though the nurses office was on the right.

'Where are we going?' Hope asked.

Rosemary shush her, she made sure no teachers were there by looking through the window. No one was in there.

Rosemary pushed Hope inside and went inside herself. Rosemary hit Hope on the forehead with a pan.

Hope eye was opened a tiny bit,but enough to see something, she saw, Rosemary asked the professional makeup artist to do something. Then her next small image was her off the chair and on the floor but her body felt weak so she just closed her eyes, opened her eyes to see people come in, fully wet because of water from the ceiling meaning the fire alarm must have tracked some smoke.

Her next image was her laying in the hospital and then, with her eyes closed she felt that she could move, so she sat up against the wall and opened her eyes to see that she was in prison.

'What happened?' Hope whispered.

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