Power pals 1- Rosemary's revenge

Hope, Dawn and Kelly meets a new girl who they hate, can Dawn keep Hope away enough?


2. Fireproof

The next day,  Hope,  Dawn and Kelly went to school and in form like always their form tutor asked if Hope was in a good mood or a bad mood, all nice teachers said that to Dawn as Hope sits in front of the teacher. All of their mean teacher don't ask, instead they expect that Hope is in a bad mood. If Hope is in a bad mood or if the teacher thinks she's in a bad mood then the teacher would press a button which would make the handcuffs, which are under Hope's wrists, close making it so Hope can do her work but she can't burn anyone without burning the handcuffs but if she burns the handcuffs then a trapdoor will open sending Hope to her own detention where she couldn't escape because only the person with the power of locks can go through so Hope's stuck in there to do her work until the next day. 

If Hope was in a good mood then changed to a bad mood,  Dawn would know and shout the secret code which changes every year. Right now,  it was 'fireproof.'

Dawn looked around the classroom at every studentstudent and didn't see Rosemary so she said 'good mood, ' and sat in her seat,  which was right next to Hope's.

Rosemary entered and said,  'sorry I'm late sir. '

'It's okay, class this is a new student, Rosemary.'

'Fireproof,' Dawn shouted. 

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