Once Upon a Full Moon

Warning: Does contain some cliche

Emma has been running from a troubling past and an obsessive and abusive boyfriend and pack.

Xander has a rough past due to Rogues. At a young age, he had to grow up and fast.

Join them as their past finds them and other troubles await.


2. Chapter 2: Silver

Turning and following the borderline the ground turns rough and full of sharp rocks. My paws sting from the pain as I force myself to trek farther. Eventually, a large building which I'm guessing is the packs main building comes into view.

The footsteps fade away like they stopped, but a group howl pierces the night air like a razor. 

'What kind of pack is this? There are almost no packs that group howl anymore everyone has grown accustomed to the mind link but obviously, they honor the ancient ways.' I think to myself.

Cutting through the trees I run towards the main building and stop when I'm thrown to the side, or more so run into.

Rolling back onto my paws I try to push out the fire in my back and side. The wolfs' eyes in front of me were the only thing that I could see, its hair blended into the shadows in the night. 


My vision began to blur as the loss of blood started to get to me. Shaking my head I look back up and try to focus on the wolf but my legs collapse from under me.


when I wake up I'm still in my wolf form and my sides ache like i just got back from an all day hard workout. I try to get up but my legs don't respond. I turn my head and a nurse sits with her tanned legs crossed over one another on a black cushioned rolling chair.

" The alpha will be with you in a moment don't you fret." She says with a heavy Swedish accent.

Laying my head back down i let my eyes close and after what only feels like seconds there is a heavy knock in the door that pulls me out of sleep.Then the foor opens with a doft squeak.

Not wanting to issue a challenge i pull my ears against the sides of my head and qait for him to talk. He sighs, “ look rouge whatever your name is i hope you feel the mate bond like i do. All i can think about is your scent and how beautiful you are.” His voice echos in the room with smoothness and power.

My insides are all screaming at me to go to him but i csnt move my body.So i improvise by moving my head to look at him. I let my ears stand and point to him showing that i heard him.

“ Why cant she move?” He asks the nurse.

“ She has a bit of silver in her blood from the sedative to help keep ger calm. Itll wear off eventually




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