Once Upon a Full Moon

Warning: Does contain some cliche

Emma has been running from a troubling past and an obsessive and abusive boyfriend and pack.

Xander has a rough past due to Rogues. At a young age, he had to grow up and fast.

Join them as their past finds them and other troubles await.


1. Chapter 1: Running

The greenery rushes past me in small whiffs of pine and dirt, the wind whistles past me canceling out everything else, the smile on my face reaches from ear to ear. town lights break through the dark trees.slowing down to a stop.

I walk around trying to find a diner to eat dinner. I pull open a cafe door instantly a strong coffee aroma fills my senses giving me a sense of warmth. A girl that appears to be in her late teens walks towards me in an apron and a dark green polo shirt. She eyes me over looking at my rough expression before speaking.

" Hi how many and would you like a booth or table?" She asks in a perky valley girl voice.

" Only one and a booth, thanks."

She walks me over to a booth and leaves me with a small card of drinks and a few pastries.I look around at the other tables and realize that many of them are staring directly at me. I meet their eyes and send a death glare to see if that helps but a dark figure blocks my few from them and takes a seat on the other side of my booth.

I look over at them and almost drool but catch myself and scoff at myself." Can I help you hanso-." I Cut myself off before I embarrass myself any more.

He has dark brown windblown hair and dirt covering bits of his face." What are you doing in our territory?" He asks in a deeper voice than I was expecting.

" I'm just passing through so there should be no problem it's not like I'm a real harm in just getting some chow and sleep is that illegal now or something?"  

he chuckles a gorgeous laugh, his eyes go into a clouded far off look then he glances back at me with a smirk. " It is, in fact, illegal if you don't contact the packs alpha before entering." 

I suddenly feel very cornered because I get the feeling that he called either the alpha or some guards and I don't like the feeling of this. I've never been good at fighting, the only thing that I'm good at is inside things and running.

" Welp I still haven't ordered anything so I think it'll all be just fine if I leave and pretend that I never came here." I shrink back in the booth while scooting out.  Finally managing to get out of the booth I run towards the front door and push out of it taking off running towards the forest.

Once I reach the edge I go behind a tree and take my clothes and tie them to my leg and shift. My mind and hearing sharps. I can hear the heavy footsteps of them chasing me about half a mile away and I can smell the territory line now that I hadn't noticed earlier. 

Thanks for reading! Tell me how it was.






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