The Crystal Heart -- Book One

When your land and life are threatened do you fall short and kneel? Or do you stand up in glory and fight for everything you hold dear? Danger is inevitable but do you rely on a lord with misused power or yourself with strenuous possibilities? - Stories have many questions between the lines. Meanings that aren't laid out for one to follow. Just look to your mind to find the answer.


2. Dantae's Pov (Hooded Intruders)

      I woke up the next morning, it was (as I knew of) at least a bit after sunrise. It was horrific. I woke up late. Not just late really late, it had too be mid-morning by now, and I was freaking out until. I actually got up and realized the sun reflected off a piece of glass on the floor. Not thinking that the this piece of glass may have been suspicious I got up and decided to get ready for the day. Suddenly a noise from the main room, like a swiping noise comes in. I rush around the corner. The gasp from my mouth comes quicker to me than the quick pain, to my bare feet.

     My feet were now covered in Metallic-shimmering blood. Flowing from wounds on my feet. I carefully, make my way over too Adams bed, and tap him on the shoulder, he moves his face towards me, and looking up at me probable expecting breakfast or his morning water. But sees the creeping painful face. He jumps out of bed but, he almost also lands on glass and with the most force I have ever had pushed him out of the way of the glass he flew across the room but landed on his feet. At first he looked hopelessly angry at me. I didn't care if he was mad at me his whole entire life. But if the king heard him scream, I would be killed within minutes.

     "Dantae why the hell would you push me like that." screamed Adam till he looked at the spot, he was going to land, and saw a broken window all over the flow. Quickly he apologized and ran too help me too his table.

     "Sorry sir, I just didn't want you to get hurt, but you know if you landed on the glass I would basically be dead, and you out of a servant." I spoke trying not too fumble over my words as Adam started to pick out the glass that was embedded into my feet.

     Within those seconds that these events happen, we heard a loud knock on the door. Then one of the lady's from the kitchen. Brought in a plate of food for Adam, and gasped in fear as she saw the glass on the floor, me on the chair and Adam picking glass out of my foot, she quickly put Adams food on the table and almost was out the door before, the prince spoke too her.

     "Lizzy, would you please bring up some food for Dantae please?" I yelped as he pulled the last piece of glass from my left foot. "Oh and some bandages!" he added before she had time to respond.

     "Yes sir, right away, it will be a couple of moments though, do you want me to tell your father about the incident?" she spoke, she was standing there in the doorway twisting her hair so it would make curls.  He shook his head no, and off she went down the stair case. 


                                                ~                                        ~                                            ~


     When Lizzy had come back with my food, and bandages Adam had just finished pulling the last piece of glass from my foot. Bellow the chair I was sitting on was a big pool of blood, the color was mixed in with the floor which was not stained with the blood of a servant literally. My eyes were full of tears and were red, from all of the pain.

     As Adam rapped up my foot with the bandages from the infirmary. I took a bit of my biscuit, the salt butter dance on my tongue, like the tears had just frolicked on my face. If not for the butter the biscuit would have been at least kind of dry. Fresh milk was the next thing I grabbed, the finest milk in all the kingdom (and the most expensive). Shortly after me and Adam had finished our meal, we heard a knock at the door.

     "Adam, your missing your training, If your not down to the field in ten minutes, I'll put your servant in the dungeon!" screamed his father into the quiet room.

    Then I heard loud stomps down the staircase. The room turned quiet until, Adam cleared his throat and said aloud "Let me move you back too bed, don't worry about training today I'll make up an excuse, and try not too move on your foot too much, please. I'll send the healer up too see you as soon as possible."

     "Thanks, I think I'll sleep for a bit, would you be able too sweep the glass though, I don't want too put pressure on my foot." I said without considering what his father yelled at him.

    As I lay awake in the bed, I look out the clear glass window I notice that there is a group of people down in the court yard. These people weren't the normal commoners, they were wearing black robes, with a grey hood covering there faces. I freaked when one of them pointed at the window that had been broken into. The group all nods into the middle of the group. Then a ring of the bell goes off.

"Guards get them!" Adam yelled, without realizing I jumped out of bed.

This was because as soon as Adam yelled, the hooded figures raised there hands and thrust-ed there open fist to the guards, then pulled up. That's when a big wall of rubies came from the ground. It was mystical, it blinded everyone but me and Adam. We stared straight into the crystals. The crystals surrounded them. Suddenly the figures disappeared. Nothing not even a ruby was left. 
~ ~


Soon enough as the figures had vanished I bursted out of the passage way and the peer sun light hit my face, the sight of the clouds rolling over the sky seemed different for some reason.

Adam was knocked too his knees. Silky drops came from his eyes. But it wasn't tears it was a rock, a crystal. They shined in the sun, but immediately as they hit the court brick the crystals absorbed into the ground. Like rain drops burrowing into the fields.

I looked down at Adam and knelt too his level, the starred at him and ask "Are you, okay, I saw it all!" It looked like I started him a bit.

He looked up at me and and suddenly. "Who were those people and what did they want!?".
He shouted still holding his blade and shield. Ready for a fight, but not a soul was there too fight with him. The guards started too stir.

By the time I had gotten Adam up to his room most of the guards had left the court yard and were heading to the hospital wing. I sat Adam down and ran to get him a drink of water.

The kingdom was quiet, it was unusual after such an event. People usually gathered into the court and yelped for the kings protection. But no one was there, quite quiet. I rushed back up too see how Adam was doing. When I came up from the kitchen I could here something as I got closer and closer up the stairs. It was yelling, but not like a mad yell but like a cry for help. Like a puppy sob for help. It was starting to get too me I basically skipped 2 stairs running up. I ran too the door and swung it open.

There the king was on the floor laying with his son. Face down on the wood. Splinters in both his face and his sons face. Adam was unconscious, I tried to run too his side but as soon as I got closer his father pushed me away. So I let them lay as I cleaned up a bit. Putting his armor, weapon, and shield on the table ready for cleaning. Then continued too clean the rest of the room making the beds up for the night, sweeping and moping. Dusting and shining, just making every thing look better. Soon enough it was getting too be twilight and I helped the king get Adam too his bed, we had little talk that I didn't care for. I noticed that Adam had his fists clenched since the extravaganza this morning.

    After I had helped out, I ran down to the well got a bucket of water and dashed back up and washed the armor. Every thing had grass stains. Except when I came too the handle and hilt it was crystallized. I immediately jumped too the Adams bed and went too open his hands. But as soon as I went too touch him, his father burst in drunk.

    "Hey, Dantae what the hell are you doing with my son, you shithead!!!" He spun around and grabbed a sword before I could get my hands up.

    "Nothing" I yelped. He started at me.

    I stood there ready for a fight. Suddenly two swords materialized into my hands, two sapphire bejeweled blades. Giving me power, unbelievable power. Suddenly we both came at each other. I knew what I had too do without thinking. But suddenly we were both stoped by a floating crystal gem in the middle of the room.

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