FNAF x Selena The Security Guard

A new Security guard named Selena is hired to work at Freddy Fazbears. She is 16 years old and a mystery to everyone there even the manger, but nonetheless she is a great security guard. Will she get close to someone there? And if so who is it?


3. Stranded

My shift is over at work for the day and I head outside and I cover my eyes from the sun. I pull my hood over my head and I walk down the street. Someone bumps into me and says, "Watch it you little street kid!!!" I turn to a large man and I tell him, "You're the one who bumped into me, I'll curse you if you do it again." He steps closer to me and says, "Oh so you're a girl, my bad. Let me see your face." I back away from him only to be surrounded by large men with tattoos. He tries to pull my hood off and I punch him in the stomach. Another guy pulls my hood off and the sun shines on my snowflake eyes and my white hair. They gasps and the leader says, "You're a beauty, I'm sure you'll get sold at a high price." The snowflakes disappear from my eyes and it suddenly gets cold and I tell him in a demonic voice, "You will not touch me or it will be the end of your life!!!!" The ground freezes and their feet are stuck to the ground I run away from them as the ice starts to thaw slowly. I pull my hood over my head and I walk straight into a large crowd, I hear one of them say, "Leave her be, she's not worth the trouble." Their leader says, "No you must find her, she's more unique than we thought!!!" They find me and someone comes over and says, "Leave my girlfriend alone perverts!!!" I look up and I see someone with a hood over his head. He pulls me close to him and he takes me away from the group of guys. When we're out of sight he takes me to an alley and pushes me up against the wall. His hood falls off and he has white hair and he has blue eyes. When I don't say anything he pushes me up against the wall and says in a deeper tone, "Who are you, girl??" I wince and I grit through my teeth, "Let me go!!" A ice blast comes out my chest and hits him. He falls back and I land back on my feet and he stands up as if nothing happened and he asks, "Who is your mother??" I look away and I whisper, "Her name was Bella Rose, but she died...." He gasps and says, "That's my mom!!" I look at him shocked and I say, "No wonder you look like me and weren't affected by the ice." He smiles and grabs my arm then runs off. I run with him because I don't really have a choice and he suddenly stops in front of a large house and he says, "I want you to meet some people." I hesitantly nod my head and we walk in the house and he shouts, "I'M HOME!!!!" I hear lots of footsteps running into the room and I step back away from him and into the shadows. He gets tackled down by kids of all ages and they're all saying they missed him so much. I stay in the shadows and a little girl looks at me and she says, "Why is there a girl hiding in the shadows James?" All the kids get off of James, my brother and he stands up and pulls me out of the shadows as he says, "This is my sister. Wait, what's your name sis?" I take a deep breath and I say, "My name is Selena..." Someone grumbles and saya, "Great, another mouth to feed." I flinch as I look up and I see a tall man standing there. I whisper under my breath at his comment, "Actually, I live by myself and I work for what I have so you don't have to worry about me." The man's eyes widen and he says, "You're 15 or 16 and you live by yourself with a job as well??" I nod my head and he smiles and says, "Welcome, also you should really teach your brother a thing or two about jobs and moving out of this here orphanage." I say quiet as everybody starts asking me questions, I freak out and I run out of the house and down the street. I get to an alley and I take a minute to catch my breath, I hear the men from earlier and I start to climb onto the roof of the building I'm next to. I watch them from above and I pick up some rocks from beside me and I throw them at the men down below and I dodge out of sight. I peek over and I see there's nowhere for me to escape.

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