New Australia

Amaryllis is a talented girl who unfortunatly has had a not so great past, so when she gets the oppertunity to leave it all behind, she takes it. She and her mom move to Australia where she starts all the way from the bottom, persueing her talent of voice to become reality. But what lies behind fame? She finds out the world is even darker than she thought.

"Life is harder when you are in the spotlight"


1. The moving


When Amaryllis sits on her bed her alarm goes off, shocked she jumps up to reach for her phone. She notices that it's not her alarm, but it's Jasmine calling her. She, who has been ignoring her for the past days, does not anwser. And instead Amary turns her phone off. She is still angry at her from before.



It all started when she got a boyfriend named Vance King, Jasmine had seem to also have an eye on him, and slept with Vance 3 months after Amaryllis met him. She was furious. When Vance tried to make it up by coming to her house he forcefully raped her, she 1 year later called the cops on him. He has been in prison this whole month.



Jasmine, of course, was not charged with anything, which meant Amary had to deal with her constant begging for forgivennes, which was not given. Amaryllis returns to turn on her laptop and works on a big project she is making. Suddenly she hears someone calling her name. "Amaryllis! Come downstairs!" mom shouted loud. Amaryllis had no idea why she was called by her mother and just presumed to close the laptop and walk downstairs still with the attitude that no fucks were givin. "What?" she said, still bored. Mom, who was smiling gracefully, said happy: "Amary! You will love this! You know I could maybe get that job, I did!" She shook, and hugged my mom tight. "But..." she carried on. Her heart sank, "But what mom?" Amary asked nervously.. she tossed her hair back and looked at mom's bright green eyes as if I needed awnsers. "It's in... Australia.." mom said. This struck Amaryllis like lightning, she said nothing and looked out the kitchen window, where it was heavily raining. "Well, it's better than living with all these "GREAT" memories. Then I am forever gone from all the lies, I won't miss anything. " she told her.


One month later Amaryllis and her mom were in their new house in Canberra, Australia, Falldern street 3.


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