Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix

Set a month after the events of Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches (Manga version), Yamada-kun and friends have found a woman that could pose a dangerous threat as she plans to eliminate them and destroy the high school they were once in.





8. Episode 6

16 years ago...


Kento, Han and Jay got into the gang's truck. They brought weapons and paints. They then hopped into the car.


"Next target: Morgan Frawes." Jay read out from a notebook, "According to here, he owes us 1450 million yen."


"That's easily more than 10 million US dollars!" Han exclaimed.


"That's why we're going to fuck him and his house apart." Jay said, then turned to Kento, "You ready for your first job?"


"I guess." Kento shrugged his shoulders.


"It's either a yes or a no, not a 'I guess' bullshit." 


"Fine. I'm ready." 


"Then let's set off." Jay drove off to the destination. An hour later, they reached the house. 


"We're here." Jay said as the trio got out. They got their guns and paint as they hid outside the house.


Han knocked the door. Nobody answered.


"Should we just barge in?" Kento asked.


"I think we should." Jay said, "No one answered the door. Fuck it, let's just do it."


The three barged in and walked slowly. 


"Okay, Han and I are going together." Jay said, "You go alone."




"It's to train you for future purposes." The two then went into the kitchen. Kento slowly walked to the bed room and opened the door. There was a bag of money. 


Han and Jay slowly crept into the kitchen, which is a big kitchen. The kitchen has a distance to walk forward before you have to turn left to access another part of the kitchen and the toilet. They quickly hid behind a wall. Jay signaled for Han to stay put while he try to see if anyone is at the second part of the kitchen.


He slowly peeked his head out and saw a guy pointing a gun at him.


"Oh shit." Jay duck down as the guy shot the cups on top of the cabinet.


"It's fucking Morgan." Jay said. Morgan went to them and fought them. As they were fighting, Morgan shot Han on the hand. Han fell onto the floor, injured. He dragged himself to the doorway.


Jay was still fighting with Morgan.


"Kento!" Jay shouted, "I need you to help us now!"


"How?" Kento shouted in the room.


"Just find a way to help us!"


"Fine!" Kento took the bag of money and jumped out of the window. As Morgan was about to rush to his room, Jay pulled him back and back onto the floor.


Kento ran to the truck and saw many guns and knives.


"Which one should I pick?"


He saw up a SMG gun and picked it up. As he was picking it up, he accidentally pressed the trigger and he accidentally shot all the bullets through the window without looking. He then heard someone's body tumbling onto the floor.


"Oh my." Han was shocked. Kento dropped the gun.


"What did I do?" Kento asked.


"Maybe you should come and look." Han said. Kento walked to the doorway and saw that he shot Morgan in the head and body. 


"How the fuck did you do that?" Jay was looking at Kento with surprise.


"I don't know. I screwed up, I pressed the trigger and I didn't let go until it ran out of bullets."


"You are fucking awesome on your first mission." Jay took out the notebook and cancelled Morgan's name, "I gotta tell Boss about this. He's going to be so proud of you."


"Good job, kid." Han tiredly gave a thumbs up to Kento. Kento looked at the both of them, then fainted.


Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches: Return Of The Dark Phoenix


Episode 6


16 years later...


Kento served Yamada and Shiraishi tea in his living room.


"I know it's kind of sudden." Kento said, "One moment, I was White Dragon, the guy you're ganging up on a few hours ago. Now I'm Kento, the guy whose future is already ruined."


"Why didn't you tell us you were Shiraishi's brother in the first place?" Yamada asked, "It would've saved you and us trouble."


"I'm sorry." Kento sighed, "I wasn't planning on revealing on my real identity."


"But why?" Shiraishi asked.


"I thought without Kento around, Kameko wouldn't be back. She would just go away and let us do our own business. I tried not spreading the news that Kento is ever alive, or White Dragon is out of jail. She did believe. But it didn't end there.


"She killed Riku and is still planning on destroying Sakura High. She must have knew. Without me, she could go on and dominate everyone. After all, I'm the one that sliced her left hand off before I went to jail. I was the pain in her ass.


"I'm not ready to let someone die because of me again. That's why I decided to let you follow me and know my real identity."


Kento held Shiraishi's hand, "I'm sorry, Shiraishi. I didn't want to reveal myself because I want you to have a good life without any interruptions. But looks like I failed again."


"It's okay, Onii-san." Shiraishi smiled at him.


"No, it's not." Kento said, "Ever since I joined the bad side, I made you worried so much, even if you're the younger sister. I even made you involved in my gangster issues. It led to you getting kidnapped by Kameko. You even completely changed in high school because of me. I'm sorry for all the things I've done to you. You don't deserve to suffer."


"But I suffered thanks to you!" She hit Kento's stomach with her left fist, but Kento felt nothing. "You are so selfish! Because you wanted to save me, you went to fight Kameko and land yourself in jail for 16 years!"


She punched his stomach again with her right fist, "You made me suffer loneliness for 16 years without a brother! Every time I see an elder brother caring for his younger sister, I would always think about you! Why do you have be selfish, following your thoughts to save me? Why can't you let the police handle it?"


She then continuously punched his stomach, slowly crying, "You fucking piece of shit!" 


She then hugged Kento, crying. "I'm sorry I didn't help you with your studies. I'm sorry I didn't motivate you enough for me to help you. I didn't even help you defeat Kameko. You even sacrificed yourself to fight Kameko because you wanted to save me from her, even if it means going to jail. I'm sorry."


"It's not your fault." Kento ran his hands through her hair, "It's my fault for pushing you away."


"I promise I'll help you defeat Kameko this time." Shiraishi sniffled. Kento smiled, "Thanks."


Yamada looked at them and smiled.


A few minutes later, Kento sat down with Yamada alone in the bedroom. Shiraishi quietly opened the door a bit and eavesdropped.


"I bet you remembered me, didn't you?" Kento asked.


"Yeah." Yamada said, "You're my junior high school bully."


"You are still not affected by me pulling up your underwater, right?" Kento teased.


"Nah." Yamada laughed. "But how are you Shiraishi's brother? She's kind, while you're rough."


"I was kind before I joined my gang." Kento said.


"Then what made you rough?"


"Fine, I'll tell you." Kento sighed. "I was known in the school as the best student alive. Because I was first in all the subjects. I was the best student in school."


"I heard that." Yamada said.


"One day, on my Science test, while I was doing the test paper, I got so sick I felt real sleepy. I suddenly didn't know how to do all the questions. I did them quickly and went to sleep.


"When I got my paper back, I realized not only did I fail the paper, I got the last. All the students started mocking me. Teachers started scolding me. Even the principal asked me if I had a problem or something.


"I thought it was just my flu. I went to study harder. But whenever it comes to Science, it's like my brain became blocked. As mini tests came in, I got shitty marks. Marks that were even below thirty. I became more stressed. My reputation as the best student alive got tarnished too much thanks to Science. By the time it was the first exam paper of the year, I scored the lowest anyone could get. Zero."


"What the fuck?" Yamada was shocked, "I thought you were so smart."


"Not in Science. Now everyone calls me all sorts of names. 'Science Sucker', 'Try-to-act-smart'. And many more. To get respected so much last time to being mocked all the time. And the worst part is that my "best student alive" title went to my sister


"I realized I can't take it anymore. That's when one of my rowdy friends introduced me to drinking. Since then, it became my habit. I neglected my studies. My results slowly dropped. Shiraishi tried helping me, but I pushed her away. I mean I was really pissed at her. She wanted to help me because she pity me. She got the best title, and she's acting like a kind bitch now. She stole my god damn title! I was really furious. After I drank in the pub, I bumped into a gangster and quarreled with him. He brought me to the gang boss and he threatened me to join the gang called The Dragons.


"Since then, I became more rough, like a loanshark. I killed people, drowned them, hanged them. I got kinda rich from all the gang activities I did.


"Now Shiraishi got lonely because I keep pushing her. She goes out with her friends more. She made more friends to ignore me. Of course, I taught her to be sociable and amicable.


"But she made wrong friends sometime later. The friends that she made is related to my enemy's gang. So my gang and my enemy's gang, Dark Phoenixes, are sworn enemies, and we really hate each other to the core.


"Sadly, the leader of my enemy's gang is Kameko, my ex-girlfriend. She was thinking of destroying Sakura High, a school my sister was planning to go to. I declined the idea. She became angry with me, I became angry with her and we broke up.


"Coincidentally, Shiraishi made one friend from my enemy's gang. Shiraishi, this time, started acting quite rough too for some reason. Maybe she's enjoying herself. But she offended the gang member. She even visited her dream school and saw Kameko placing oil there. She threw it away into the sea and the same member that she offended saw everything. Kameko kidnapped her and I was forced to save her, cutting Kameko's left arm in the process and Kameko injuring Shiraishi. Someone must have called the police, that's why they came to surround the warehouse. Kameko managed to run away, whereas my and her gang members ran away too in different directions. I had no where to go, so I had no choice but to surrender. 


"I told the police that if I could attend to my sister's injuries one last time, I would surrender. They agreed, and after I treated her injuries, I was arrested at my house. The next day, I was charged with 12 counts of murder and I was jailed for 12 years. I got an extra 3 years because I murdered someone in jail.


"Since my arrest, I heard from her classmate that she's been super quiet and ignored all her friends. She became super lonely and is only concentrated in studying. She even stayed in school for as long as she could because if she went home, there would be no one. That is until in Sakura High, she met you."


Yamada opened his eyes wide big, "Me?"


"Yes. You." Kento said, "You made her like you through your first time talking to her. I heard it from Leona."


"Toranosuke's sister?" Yamada asked.


Kento nodded, "I knew her a while ago. She told me some stuff about when she visited me in jail. I'm surprised. You made her join a club, talk more and even like you. I admire you."


"It's nothing." Yamada said, "I also like her."


"From the time you graduated from university with her, to the time you guys married, and had your first child, I was there."


Yamada stared at Kento surprisingly.


"Yes. I was there. I was somewhere watching every of my sister's important events. I just didn't want to reveal myself. But you really changed her. And that's why I'm going to give you my blessings to last with her forever."


"Thank you, Kento." Yamada said.


"No, thank you." Kento said, "You made my sister back to her normal self again and you made her so fucking happy. I've never seen my sister smile beautifully in a while. And it's all thanks to you that she could smile and laugh. I'm sorry for all the things I did to you and Ushio last time."


Kento placed out his hand, "Brothers?"


"You bet your ass we're brothers!" Yamada happily shook Kento's hand. Shiraishi smiled as tears dripped out from her eyes.


To be continued in Episode 7

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