Loving Athena North

Athena North is a bad ass and keeps getting kicked out of her boarding schools. Her parents send her away to “West Gate boarding school” as a last resort. Here Athena learns about love and real friendship. Can Athena keep her dark side from resurfacing or will her new friends make her worse? Read on to find out more!

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1. O N E

I was at a peculiar past in my life when I met Justin. I’d just been shipped of to my third boarding school this year and I was really starting to piss my parents off. I get kicked out of a lot of my boarding schools because of “poor behaviour” personally I like to call it character building but they don’t agree with my idea. My parents are made of money and have holiday homes in over 20 countries, so they keep sending me away so they don’t have to deal with me. They’re both pricks if you’d ask me.

Anyway, so I’d just arrived at the front door of “Water Gates boarding school for the children of the future” when I heard someone cat whistle. I turn around to see who’s the annoyance belongs to and then I lay eyes on him. He’s with a group of his mates and they’re all whistling and making hand gestures. I tell em all to “fuck off” and salute my middle thing to them. This is responded with “ooohs” and laughing. I’m about to retaliate when the massive wooden doors are pulled open.

“Ah Athena North! Glad to see you.” A plump but intimidating women greets me. She has ageing hair and where’s a pan suit.

“Oh right yeah hey” I say grabbing my hand bag and suit case.

“Ah Ah Ah u address me as mistress or Madame Richards” she looks down at me through her nose. It takes me all my effort not to roll my eyes.

“What ever you say Mistress” I salute her lazily.

She looks at me one more time and then ushers me in, leading me to her office. This place is nothing like I’m used to. From the out side it looks like a massive church and when you step inside it’s still has its stone walls and stair case. My foot steps echo through the halls and I get judgmental looks from passing students.

“Right, now that has to change” she says eyeing me up as I close the door to her office. I look down at my tight ripped jeans and leather jacket.

“Oh god is there a uniform” I face palm my hand. Great some shitty restrictive uniform. Fucking fantastic.

“Yes. Yes there is.” She gestures for me to take a seat.

“Okay so Saturdays are your leisure days. Your schedule is in your room and you must follow the rules”

“Yep gotcha I’ve done this enough times to know” I say standing up, “Oh who am I sharing with?”

“Seeing your um record, we thought it best not to have you share a room” she says grimpsing. I smirk and leave their room. She told me my room was on the top floor and in room 999. I look daringly at the stone stairs. I have to walk up like 1000 flights of stairs.

“Well shit” I mumble to my self and start the climb. I’m half way there when I hear a crisp voice question, “Need help princess?” I look up in pure disgust. It’s the ass hole from earlier.

“Do I look like a mother fucking princess” I spit, arching my brow.

“No more like a cold blooded killer” he smirks.

“Like? What makes u think I’m not?” I hold his glare. There’s a flash of what looks like fear but it’s gone in an instant.

“Right best be going, u know people to kill and all” I say barging past him.

He laughs and goes, “I like you, what’s your name lovely”

“Urgh not abut interested” I say and trudge up the stone stairs before he can respond.

I get to my room and it’s in like a tower. I open the door and walk inside. It has a massive window over looking the lands, there’s a double four pillar posted bed next to it and a decent sized wardrobe on the right. Right by the entrance there’s a little door to reveal a shitty bathroom. It’s a yellow toilet and a yellow sink and a yellow bath tub.

“What the fuck” I laugh to myself. I dump my stuff in the middle of the room and close the door. This is going to be an experience and a half. The room was decent apart from the yellow ness of tee bath room. Who the fuck colours a bathroom yellow?

I jump on my bed and look at my schedule. I have maths in an hour, great. I look in my wardrobe to find the abomination of a uniform. It’s a tartan skirt and white shirt, with knee high yellow socks and a navy blazer with the logo on the left breast pocket. Safe to say, it DISGUSTING. I strip down and pull it on, and look in the mirror. My tanned toned legs prod out from under the skirt and my boobs look invisible. I leave my autumn long brown hair down. After all the travelling it’s gone a beach wave style which I’m kinda diggin. I put light make up know that will be going against one of the rules. What’s the big deal if a girl wears make up? Like seriously!

I rummage through my suit case looking for some black shoes and can only find my timberlands. Well this’ll do. I check the time and I’ve got 20 minutes left just enough time to cause trouble. I’m in room 23 for maths which by the way is called “q” set. It’s for the math prodigies. Yep Athena North is a math prodigy, who’d ah thought?

I bundle down the stairs making my way to the class but get stopped by a ridiculously hot teacher.

“Excuse me, Miss” a husky voice interrupts my thoughts.

“Yo” I say turning around meeting the HOTTEST man I’ve ever seen! He has moppy brown hair and piercings blue eyes.

“What are you doing” he says.

“I’m looking for my math class, I’m new” I say reaching out my hand.

“Oh what class” he says cautiously taking my hand.

“Room 23”

“Ah that’s just down the hall to your left” he smiles.

“Cheers Mr. I owe ya one” and with that I turn and skip away.

I’m waiting for what feels for even until people start coming to there 4th period class. I’m standing back up against the wall when the hot teacher comes strutting towards me.

He address everyone and then says, “Welcome to math class” he hold my glare. I roll my eyes and smirk. I take a seat towards the back and slouch in my chair. Everyone fills in and there’s a few stares and whispers directed towards me but I didn’t care. I mean what could they be saying?

“Alright class, I’m Mr.Bradley and I’ll be coving for the rest of the year” he says clapping his hands, “Okay now open your text books and complete the questions on page 69”

A few boys laugh at this and I put my hand up, “Excuse me Mr.Bradley I don’t have a book” I smirk.

“Ah I see, Miss?” He says getting one from his cupboard. “Athena North” He smiles and walks toward me, handing me the book.

“I’ll be sure to remember that name” he says winking just so I can see him, which causes me to smile. I whizz through the questions. Today’s topic was algebra which may I say I’m like Einstein at. When I finish I begin to stare out the window. The room is laid out like a hill. There are little singular tables and chairs an meter apart going down in three rows. It like sat up as an orditourium.

“Athena” Mr.Bradley says rather sharply.

“Yeah” I say not taking my eyes of the window.

“Have u finished the work?” He strides other to me.

“Actually I have, take a look” I snap. He checks through my book, and smirks as he tick every answer correct.

“Well I think we might have a maths genius amongst us class” he looks up and chuckles lightly. I smirk and avoid everyone’s gaze. There eyes are burning into me but when u turn around all the little heads snap back to doing their work. I have to wait an eternity until the bell signals an hours break. I decide I’m going to the library so when I leave the room that’s where I head.

“I’m so sorry, but where is the library?” I ask a blonde girl who’s say on the main stone stairs studying. After ten minutes of stumbling around I realise I’m hopeless with out guidance.

“Wait are u talking to me?” She says terrified.

“Um I don’t see anyone else around so yeah” I laugh.

“Oh gosh, um, library that way and if I was you never speak to me again” I can hear the panic in her voice. Her eyes dart around frantically and before I can ask if she’s okay she sprits away from me.

“What the actual fuck” I mumble as I walk away towards the library. Thankfully the crazy girl was right and I ended up at the library. It’s massive! I felt so over whelmed. I’m a total book worm aside from being a “bad ass”. Oh and also maybe genius;). I wonder further into the room. It’s ceiling was ridiculously high and there was book shelves climbing up the walls. Row after row after row there were millions of books. U know the scene in “Beauty and the beast” and there in the beast library, Well this is just like that library but on a grander scale. I pick a book off the shelf and sit cross legged on the floor.

I was submerged in “the general and his labyrinth” when an annoyingly familiar voice interrupted me, “Hey princess.”

“Call me princess again and I’ll cut your dick of and feed it to u” I say not taking my eye of the page.

“Now now no need to be violent” the jerk sits opposite me. “I’m Justin by the way”

“and I’m still not interested” I snap the book shit put it back and walk away.

“Hold up” Justin says falling into step with me.

“Are you always like this?” I say rolling my eyes.

“Persistently charming” he smiles as if he think that won me over.

“No persistently a pain in my ass”

“Ouch” he says, dramatically putting a hand on his heart.

“You’ll survive” I smirk. He’s actually quite funny.

“Okay matie I’m out” I say arriving at my Drama class. He still stands next to me as people start crowding in with his hands behind his back smirking.

Clocking on I moan, “Oh lord give me strength” through gritted teeth and he just smiles a dazzling white smile. A fat ginger approaches is awfully happy and let’s us into the drama room.

“Ah I see a new face!” She says directly at me. I smile awkwardly.

“What’s your name sugar?” She eggs on.

“Athena” I say cringing.

“What a beautiful name” she clasped her hands together. She introduces me to everyone then tells us to partner up. I feel a tap on my shoulder.

“Absolutely no fucking way” I say, turning around and meeting Justin’s hazel eyes.

“There’s no one else princ” he stops him self and smiles. I moan and stand with him. I get evil looks of a group of girls and I look at them smile my fakest smile and turn away.

“Oh and by the way, Athena, your coming with me after this” he whisper in my ear, while the teacher drones on.

“No fucking way, when hell freezes over” I shout-whisper at him. He puts a hand on my waist and I wriggle free stamping harshly on his foot.

“Okay now u have 2 minutes to plan am arguing scene between a married couple” the drama teacher announces.

I look at him and laugh this would be easy. Two minutes go by and then everyone preforms. Then it gets to me and Justin. We shout at each other for awhile about finance and drug money until Justin puts me over his shoulder and walks back stage. I pound his back with my fists but he doesn’t flinch. That little stunt took me by surprise.

“What the fuck” I say barley moving my mouth as we take our seats.

“It was for affect” he chuckles at my annoyance.

All I know is this Justin is going to cause bigger trouble for me than expected...

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