Sun block

The New Nmpth is Outgoing and very noticeable. But she doesn't seem to interested in Apollo.


3. The unwanted Wedding

"Shes almost Age!" Apollo Whispered. "yes I know, But she not going to be happy that I betroth her to you at age nineteen!" He father whispers. Ember nearly fainted.

She was turning Nineteen tomorrow!"Father?!"  she questioned. he father jumped and Turned to his daughter in her nightgown. "Why didn't tell me?'' she asked hurt in her voice. "Ember please.." "Daddy you always said that we could be anything when we grew up. " She said as her little icy sister rubbed her eyes and tugged on Ember's nightgown."Whats Going on?" She asked. "Nothing Frostflake. Go back to bed!" Ember said. "Okay...." The little Nymph fell asleep on the couch. "Ember please.." Her father said. "How can i be what i want if my life is planned out for me before I  was even born? " She asked. The main point she couldn't. "Ember i will love you whether you like it or not!"Apollo whispered she didn't admit it  but that was actually romantic enough to turn her in a pile of hormones. "Gods are so not loyal to there wives!"  She fold her arms. She stomped up stairs Apollo following her every step of the way. "GO AWAY!" she screamed."No!" Apollo said scooping her up in a hug.'' dont touch me!" she whispered. he kissed her and it took her by surprise.  

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