“I’ve seen too much poison to know medicine”
Maetia Kama Tallwood


1. Introduction

“Supposedly, in the beginning of man’s era, all there was, was hatred. The beings were incapable of loving one another. There was no hope for future generations, no love from mother to daughter or son. A great being from above, whether you believe in god or whatever else, created a great elixir, Love. Love was a marvellous thing. It put wars to a halt, it saved children of grief and healed the hurt. But there was no balance in love. Certainly war still remained, but there was negotiation, almost too much negotiation.

The devil, or whatever, created a poison, an addiction… a drug. Something that brings you back running, but hurts you, makes you sick. It angered the fighters after their doses of poison. Yet there was balance in the world. The good love still existed, but it was 50/50 that you’d find it. But good lord, nobody can tell the difference. Worst of all, the poison… was named Love, too.”

“It doesn’t explain why you fear love... “ he said, nervously.

“I’ve seen too much poison to know medicine”

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