After Megan's mother passes away, she is left with only one thing in the world, her powers. But what was once's used for good is now being pulled towards darkness.

And Megan will stop at nothing to fine her mums killer, even if it means destroying the people closest to her......


4. Moving On

The next few days went by in a blur. I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep, I didn’t talk. Endless amounts of people came to see me, Vivian, Ash, Alec. But none of them could make me feel any better.

The only person who could was my mum but she... she is gone.

Ben comes to see me everyday, without fail. He doesn’t tell me that I’m strong or that I’ll get through it, he just sits with me or goes on his phone or talks to me, not expecting a reply.

And that helps more than he knows. I want to tell him that everything he is doing is helping me recover, that without him I would be as good as dead. But the words won’t come at right so I’ve stopped trying.

I remember when I found out that I didn’t even have enough money for a ruddy funeral. Ben came over and made me hot chocolate and told me story’s using his powers.

Ever since my mum, my powers have been weaker, and everyday I’ve been less able to do the simple things like picking up an object with my mind, never mind controlling a person.

But that’s gonna change. Tonight when Ben comes over I’m going to ask him to talk to the Mystery Man and try to convince him to teach me again.

I would of loved Ben to do it but we have different powers, he can control peoples thought and I can control people.

Tonight I’m finally gonna be one step closer to finding my mothers killer and destroying them.

And I plan to do in the most painful way possible.

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