Juliette’s story

Juliette’s parents die when she’s young and is sent to live with her grandparents. After finding her mothers diaries she takes a trip to Australia leaving her life behind. It’s there she find love, passion and danger. It’s in Australia where Juliette’s story begins...
#love #romance #sex #Australia #danger #passion #rediscovery#teen


3. T W O

My walk was actually really productive. I ended coming back with a surfboard, groceries and a new summer dress. The surf board is white with a black henna design all over it and I love it! As soon as I got back to my house I put the surf board out back,it’s a fairly decent sized patch of grass with a bbq, put the groceries away and went to sleep.


Eventually I woke up the next day at 1 o’clock in the after noon. I stumble to the bath room and washed my face and brushed my teeth. My hair was gross so I put to French braids in. Make up wise I lightly filled my brows in and put a lot of moisturiser and sun cream on.

Today I decided I would go and check the beach out so I put on my karkhi green bikini on and put a pair of shorts on over. Often I’ve been mistaken as a Victoria secret model so I chose my skimpiest one. I didn’t bother putting on a shirt because it was way to hot and plus I planned on being in the sea most of the time. I filled a bottle of water up and packed my self something to eat while I was down there, after all I’d missed breakfast. I grab my phone and send a message to my grandparents and tell them I’ll face time them later. I also take a quick selfie with the beach in the background for snap chat. I get my surf board and bag and stroll down towards the water.

I lay my towel out and put my shorts into my bag. My surf board lies next to me and I look at it intimidated. Surfing is either going to be fun or a torture. Well I’ll guess I’ll have to find out. Back in England I’d been surfing multiple times but could only stay on the board less than a minute so I knew it was going to be an eventful experience. I decide to brave it so I take a gulp of water and grab the board. There’s a group of surfers out in the water so I decide to stay a distance away from them. I’m trying to make this decision as less embarrassing as possible.

I reach the water and it’s crystal blue. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It’s cool- not cold and not hot. My skin welcomes the feeling of the water. The sun was scorching hot so right up to my waist and just enjoy the feel of it. I get up on my board and swim out to sea. For a while I just straddle the board soaking up the water until I get the confidence to actually “surf”. Redirecting my board away from the wave I paddle a few moments and then stand up. The waves weren’t very strong, so I was able to stay on the board until I dived if into the water. I’d attached the string to my ankle so I knew I wasn’t going to loose the board. When I resurface the water, I swim to my board and get up on it again. I smile to my self and keep practicing. After a while I get out the sea and dump the board next to me. Doing all the surfing has made me starving so walked towards this little food stand and ordered my self a sandwich and coke. I thank the man and sit back down on my towel. I still had the fruit I’d packed so when I finished my food I ate that as well. God I was hungry.

I sunbathe for a while, enjoying the sun. I take a few pictures of the beach and decide to face time my grandparents while I’m here. I talk to them for a while and they ask the usual questions like, “have u eaten enough?” “Do u need anymore money?” I laugh at them and I show them the surroundings and tell them I’m going for a swim and end the call. I get up and stretch my arms out. I’ve been down here for 4 hours already and quickly reapply my sun cream.

The water was colder now so I only stayed in an hour or so. The waves had gotten harsher so I struggled to stay on long enough. I warm up with the departing sun rays. When I eventually leave the beach it’s already gotten dark. I put my board in the back garden and run myself a bath. It’s 9 o’clock so I make myself some tea. I ended up making myself chips and salad. I scoff them down and stop the running tap just before it could over flow.

The water was comforting to my aching legs. A day of surfing was a work out and half. I lie back and I enjoy the warmth. I can’t believe I’m actually here! “I did it mum!” I whisper to myself. I smile and submerge myself under the water.


After my bath I dry my platimum coloured hair and braid it. I make myself a cup of tea and grab my favourite book. I’ve got silk shorts on and a matching crop top. I lie in my double bed and start my book. It was called, “the general and his labyrinth” and it was in the box of my mums things. The book is truely memorising. It opens up the readers mind and makes you rethink everything. I fall asleep as I read the book...

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