Juliette’s story

Juliette’s parents die when she’s young and is sent to live with her grandparents. After finding her mothers diaries she takes a trip to Australia leaving her life behind. It’s there she find love, passion and danger. It’s in Australia where Juliette’s story begins...
#love #romance #sex #Australia #danger #passion #rediscovery#teen


4. T H R E E

I wake up to a banging on the door. I check my phone, it’s 8:23. I clamber down stairs shout at who ever has the nerve to wake me up.

“What the...” I say my voice trailing off. There are 3 lads standing at my door way.

“Oh my god” a tall lad says. He has waves hair and is wearing a tank top with “where dem hoes” on it.

“Yeah oh my god. What the hell are you doing on my property at the crack of dawn!” I raise my voice and cross my arms over my chest.

“Oh.. we thought” a black haired lad speaks up.

“You thought what!” I say nearly screaming.

“We thought you’d booked surfing lessons and well u didn’t show up so we came looking for u”

How did I forget this! I legit booked them and completely forgot. Oh my god how did I manage this!

“Oh shit.” I laugh. “I’m so sorry! I completely forgot”. I say composing my self.

“Oh um it’s okay” the brunette says looking at me as if I’m crazy.

“I’m so embarrassed! You must think I’m an actual physco.” I say putting a perfectly manicured hand to my fore head.

“Nah it’s called personality!” Another blonde says chirping up. He’s smiling widely at me and holds my gaze.

“Yeah personality of a maniac. Right can I meet u in 10?” I say.

“Yep yall know where to find us” the brunette says and they leave my porch. When they leave I close the door and erupt in laughter. That was so embarrassing and all I can think about is the poor boys expression. Phahahah! I race about the house. I throw on a red bikini and put my hair into a tight pony tail. I don’t put make up on. I have flawless skin and perfect eye brows. I grab my surf board and exit the house making my way to the sea.

“Hey”the brunette says, “I’m Brandon”

“I’m Zac” the black hair says.

“And I am the dashing Elijah” the cheery blonde says putting out his hand.

“Yeah I’m Juliette and I’m the maniac who screams at people” I laugh taking his hand. I see them checking me out and suddenly I’m self conscience.

“Is there um gonna be any girls here?” I say sheepishly hiding my figure behind the board.

“The owner of this set up thing is a girl but we tend to take over.”Zac says taking his shirt off. He has a perfect six pack.

“Okay” I say cringing.

“Oh and sorry about how early it is. We like the waves in the morning for beginners”

“Ah gotcha” I say picking my board up, “Shall we?” I smile. We all leg it to the water and slap the boards against the waves. I feel the cool water pound against my skin. They tell me to paddle out and when I feel like it to stand up.

“You make it sound easier than it is” I frown falling off for the hundredth time. Elijah paddles over to me and just smiles at me.

“What?” I chuckle as I straddle the board.

“Nothing” he says.

“Have I got the bikini inside out” I start looking to find the labels.

“No the bikini, the bikini looks great” he smiles.

“Oh my am I being hit on by an Australian. Well I never!” I say spraying water at him.

“Oh come now Juliette don’t flatter yourself”he laughs. I’m about to react but I’ve been flipped over and am now under the water. When I resurface the sound of childish laughter fills the air.

“Oh my gosh!” I scream kicking water at Zac and Brandon. They just hold there sides and laugh.

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