Our Generation

Samantha is not like everyone else but she doesn't know that. This is the story of how her life changed forever; once she finds out what has happened to her.


5. Chapter 5

Dear Colin,

    I received the photos that you sent me; Majolica looks beautiful and hey, it gives you a chance to practice your Spanish. Testing for me is the same, interviews, background checks, psychology tests, same thing day in and day out. No progress and no sign of finding the subject anytime soon.

    Oh I almost forgot, Gwen is pregnant. So the next time you see me I’ll be a father. And with luck I’ll be a good one.



    Samantha’s phone buzzed in her pocket. She put down her hot chocolate next to her laptop and behind her opened history textbook. Samantha fumbled her phone out of her pocket and pulled up a text Jane had just sent. Hey our SAT results are finally available. I just got my results so check your email and tell me how you did! I’d like to see you beat my 1,080. Samantha smiled, she’d been anxious to know what her results were forever. Quickly Samantha opened a new tab and logged into her school email. There it was. Taking a deep breath Samantha open the email. It was extremely long. Listing all of the scoring methods, how to send your score to colleges, and how to retake the test. Samantha quickly scanned the email looking for where her score would be listed.

    When Samantha reached the bottom there was small paragraph that read: There was a problem with your scores. The college board will contact your school as soon as possible. If you have any questions our helpline number is listed below. We apologize for the inconvenience. Samantha’s wrists were sweating and she could feel heat rising in her cheeks. Something was wrong with her test? Quickly Samantha dialed the helpline number on her phone. Ring. Ring. Ring.

    “This is the college board helpline,” said an automated recording, “If you have questions about our offices hours press one.”

    Samantha waited until she heard what she was looking for.

    “If you have questions or concerns about your recent college board administered scores such as unclarity, mixed up tests or other press 7 and we’ll place your call to a receptionist.”

    Samantha quickly opened her keypad and pressed 7. The buzzing of the recording faded and was replaced with hold music. About thirty seconds later someone picked up the other line and answered in a annoyingly sweet voice. Samantha waited for the women to finish her introduction before asking about the email the college board had sent her. The receptionist paused for a moment.

After a minute Samantha asked, “Hello?”

“I’m sorry, Samantha, I am afraid I cannot help you as there was a problem with the SAT test you took. Your guidance counselor will have information for you and set up a time you can resit the test.”

“Okay,” Samantha said crestfallen, “thank you.” Then hung up her phone. The second Samantha hung up Jane texted her again: Come on Sam don’t leave me hanging! How’d you do?” Samantha ignored Janes texts and started packing up her stuff. She was going to go straight to her counselors office. Samantha grabbed her hot chocolate, swung her book bag over her shoulder and hurried out of the cafe towards her car.



When Samantha reached the school she slammed her car door and hurried up to the building. Not noticing her friends standing out on the lawn chatting. Samantha didn’t even hear when Joshua yelled out her name.

“Hey!” He said catching up with her inside, “what’s going on? Sam! Sam! Hey, stop a minute will ya!” Joshua grabbed Samantha’s wrist forcing her to a halt. Samantha turned to face Joshua, she was out of breath and shaking slightly. Once Samantha caught her breath she spoke.

“I need to speak with my counselor.”

“Okay, why the rush?” Josh asked.

“I ju…” Samantha was interrupted. By footsteps and turned to face her counselor and principal. Joshua let go of Samantha’s wrist and faced the faculty too.

“Samantha Wolff?” Said principal Simpson.


“ Come with me please. There's something we need to discuss.” The principal said indicating Samantha and her counselor. Samantha looked at Joshua who was staring at her with a concerned expression on his face. Then stepped forwards and followed the principal and her counselor, leaving and stunned Joshua behind.

Samantha walked next to her counselor and followed principal Simpson down a hallway she had never been before. This must be the principal’s office Samantha thought as she stepped inside of a room that looked an awful lot like an office. Principal Simpson waved a hand and asked Samantha to take a seat. Samantha sat, stiff and upright, taking in everything and reminding herself to breathe. Her counselor pulled up a chair and sat to the principal’s left, she gave Samantha a smile. Samantha relaxed a little remembering that Mrs. Willson, her counselor, was a very kind lady and would listen to anything Samantha told her.

“Samantha, I know this might be a bit unnerving but Mr. Simpson and I are here to talk about you SAT score.” Mrs. Willson said.

“Actually,” Samantha said shuffling a bit in her seat, “I was just coming to find you to ask you about that. I received an email from the college board about my results and when I called the help line I was advised to talk with my counselor.”

“That’s good that you came looking for me.” Mrs. Willson said, “we had just received a phone call from one of the college board directors that you had scored perfectly on your SAT.”

Principal Simpson cut in, “Samantha, did you cheat on the SAT?”

“No! I would never!” Samantha said honestly.

“Paul,” Mrs. Willson gave principal Simpson a stern look, “I thought we were going to be subtle. Besides we both know Samantha was put into gifted and talented programs when she was in elementary school, and I do not believe Samantha to be the cheating type.”

Mrs. Willson turned to Samantha. “Mr. Simpson and I had a talk with the college board director and they seemed very interested in letting you retake the test. We have scheduled for Friday and one of the college board examiners will come to oversee your test. I will call your parents to let them know about this later.”

Samantha nodded completely stunned by what she was hearing. Nothing registered with Samantha until after she agreed to stay after school Friday and resit the SAT, until after she answered all of principal Simpson’s questions. Nothing occurred to her until Mrs. Willson pulled her aside in the hallway and asked, “Samantha, I know you’ve been asked this before but, do you have a photographic memory?”

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