Our Generation

Samantha is not like everyone else but she doesn't know that. This is the story of how her life changed forever; once she finds out what has happened to her.


4. Chapter 4


Dear Bradley,

    I’m sorry to hear that your boss has placed you in minor testing. Although I think you got it better. I’m being sent to Majorca to study the fauna. I can’t complain to much I’ve heard that island is beautiful.


- Colin


    By the time the college fair rolled around Joshua and Garret’s suspension had ended and they were once again free to wreak havoc on school property. The senior class was gathered outside the lower gym. It was 6:45, an hour before school normally started. The administration insisted that the senior class arrive early so that they could have extra time to browse colleges and decide which to apply for. Samantha was already considering many colleges, she had a list of 8 she was trying to choose from. Hopefully the college fair could help her shorten it.

    “Where are you thinking of going?” Samantha asked Jane.

    “Somewhere close,” Jane said, “but far enough away from my sisters that I can live on my own and not be fussed over.”

    Samanta laughed, “Me too. How about you guys, where are you thinking of going?”

    Joshua and Garret had no idea where they were going, Joshua was considering taking a year off from school to find a job and see how that played out. Garret said he would probably go work for his dad, who was a carpenter in the city. Emmit was already accepted into FRB and had been since last year. He is such an overachiever; already graduating a year early.

    The students began to push forwards into the gym crowding around booths and talking to college administrators and alumni. Emmit walked over to the FRB stand and started talking the guy there as if they were old friends. He waved over Samantha and Jane to join him.

    Jane turned and started walking the other direction. Samantha reached out and grabbed her backpack. “You’re not getting away that easily.” Samantha teased and dragged Jane over to Emmit and the FRB administrator.

    “Howdy.” He created them with thick southern accent. “Y’er friend here was just telling me you gals are looking for a college far from here an’ there ain’t no place farther than Front Range Bioengineering.”

    Jane laughed, “No kidding. It’s in the middle of a desert.”

    “Technically the school is located 13.8 miles from Hill country and its not desert its mountains and valleys. There is still lots of civilization around the campus.” Emmit stated.

    “Ya know what Emmit,” Jane said, “just for that I’m going to go over there.” She said pointing to the corner of the gym.

    “Ignore her.” Samantha told the admin as Jane walked away pretending to answer a phone call. The administrator laughed and asked Samantha questions about her curriculum and what she liked to study, her hobbies, if she had been employed, community service, things like that. The administrator whose name Samantha learned was Timmy. Roughly ten minutes later Samantha thanked Timmy and said farewell to Emmit. FRB sounded like a good college but not for Samantha.

    After some more wandering around and interviewing with college reps Samantha finally found one she was interested in. Kinbrush Leading and Medicine University. Samantha had wanted to be a teacher since she was 9 and was looking for a school that offered a great teaching program. KLMU was the most promising. The college rep really took a liking to Samanta’s interpersonal skills and all of the volunteer work she had done as a candy striper at the local hospital. By the end of the college fair Samantha had a college tour planned at KLMU in two weeks. Jane had gotten through another level of a game on her cellphone. Joshua and Garret magically had bubble tea from a shop on the other side of town and Emmit spent the whole fair talking with Timmy about life in the great state of Texas.

    When Samantha had gotten home that night she told her parents about her tour of KLMU.

    “The administrator said that you both could come and check out the college with me. The tour is only for seniors with a 3.7 GPA or higher and the lady said that students who are accepted on the tour and apply to the school are almost always accepted. It has a great teaching program and I really would like to attend. Please will you come on the tour with me?” Samantha pleaded giving her mom and dad puppy dog eyes.

    Samantha’s parents exchanged a look “Your Mother and I will come with you on the tour,” Samantha’s Dad conceded, “but I would still like for you to keep your options open Samantha. Its unwise to jump on the first thing you see. No matter how much good it promises.”

    Samantha nodded, “Thank you.” Then she gave her Mom and Dad a quick hug and ran to her room to mark the date of the campus tour on her calendar.



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