Our Generation

Samantha is not like everyone else but she doesn't know that. This is the story of how her life changed forever; once she finds out what has happened to her.


2. Chapter 2


Dear Bradley,


    It has been a month now since we have started operation Ke Kupa and we have had no success thus far. Although I feel we are getting close. Our next test is day after tomorrow. I pray that we succeed this time. All is well here. Say hello to your wife for me!





    Later that afternoon Samantha sat down in the grass around her friends clutching her latte in her hands. They were gathered in the open space around town center. Samantha’s hair was still damp from the assembly that morning but luckily the rest of her clothes had dried in the heat of the sun.

    “How did you two manage to take over the assembly like that?” Jane asked.

    “I know people.” Joshua said ominously.

    “Seriously, how did you do it?”

    Joshua just smiled and took a bite out of his pastry. Garret was playing with the grass listening to Jane and Josh argue and Emmett was airing out all of his waterlogged books. Samantha sipped her latte and looked around the park. There were some children flying a kite shaped like a dolphin. Some grandmas were sitting on lawn chairs near the lake sewing a huge quilt. A group of people wearing suits and lab coats were taking samples of the local flora. One of the women in a coat saw Samantha looking and waved. Samantha smiled and waved back then turned her attention back to her friends.

    “Can you believe they gave us homework the first day of school! I mean we just got back from break and we’re seniors now. Shouldn’t we be done learning!” Garret complained.

    “Actually,” Emmett said looking up from his book, “you never stop learning. The brain is always gathering information and you always learn something new every day whether you realize it or not.”

    Samantha laughed at the shocked and annoyed look on Garret’s face. “He’s right you know. You are always learning whether you like it or not.”

    “I don’t like it.” Garret whined. “You hear that brain? Stop making me learn things!”

    Everyone laughed and finished their snacks. As the afternoon wore on they slowly fell out of conversation and decided to call it a day. Joshua and Garret called an Uber and got a ride home. Jane and Samantha walked Emmett to his house in the neighborhood across the street and Jane’s sister Rita dropped Samanta off at her house around six thirty after taking her and Jane out for dinner.

    Samantha stepped into the living room and all she could think about was going up to her room and snuggling up with a book and pillow and reading the night away. She made it halfway up the stairs when her mom called.

    “Sammy, darling, would you come here please?”

    Samanta stiffened a sigh and walked back down to join her parents who were sitting on the floor in the living room. Samantha had walked right past them. She sat on the floor across from her mom.

“We got an email from the school today.” Her mom started. Samantha already knew where this was going. “Your father and I wanted to make sure you weren’t hurt in the accident.”

“I’m fine Mom, it was only water.”

“Water has caused thousands of deaths over the years.” her father pointed out, “A person can die in three inches of water.”

Oh god, Samantha thought, not another lecture. Please anything but that. Turns out that it was a lecture, only a short one; on safety. Half an hour later Samantha was free from her parents and in her room reading. She read well into the night and it was almost midnight when she finally fell asleep. Her book lie open next to her pillow.

Samantha had a strange dream that night. First she was back in the fifth grade spelling bee. Then she was standing in second grade showing her teacher another way of solving for X. Now she was only four and her dad was reading her stories of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. Finally she was in a white room. There was the faint sound of crying and people were running around. They must have been nervous because quite a few of them were shaking as they carried needles and medicines around. Samantha didn’t know what was going on. The crying was growing louder and louder. It seemed to rattle the floor, the building trembled, the earth shook. The cry was still getting louder.

It was no longer a cry, but an alarm. Her alarm. Samantha was awake. She jumped up out of bed and her book tumbled to the floor. Samantha blinked a few times to clear her head and reached for her phone to turn off the cry of her alarm.

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