Our Generation

Samantha is not like everyone else but she doesn't know that. This is the story of how her life changed forever; once she finds out what has happened to her.


1. Chapter 1

    Dear Colin,


    Operation Ke Kupa is a go! We just received permission from the officials that we can proceed with our experiments on human babies instead of monkeys. (Which is a good thing because I was beginning to go a little bananas myself waiting for a response.) We have been given a hospital location to test out our research. Hope everything is well with you!

                        - Bradley






It was Samantha's first day back at school from summer break and boy was she excited. Her senior year of high school! Only one more year until college and she was free from this prison. Honestly Samantha thought why do we have to go through so much school? Samantha parked her car in the parking lot out front of the building. Grabbed her bag and started filing through all of her books. There weren’t many. She had finished most of her core classes, like math and history and science and had all the credits she needed to graduate. The only reason Samantha was still in school was her parents. They were super clingy and wanted to spend as much time with Samantha as possible. Samantha on the other hand could not wait to get away from her parents. She longed to be out in the real world making her own decisions.

With one last check of her bag and Samantha got out of her car and headed into school. She stopped near computer lab, where she waited to meet her friends. Emmett was already there, his nose buried into a textbook. Samantha smiled when she saw him sitting there, his glasses halfway down his nose. Samantha leaned over his book and pushed his glasses back up. Emmett didn’t seem to notice. She rolled her eyes and sat down next to him. Then scanned the hall looking for any sign of Jane.

Jane was Samantha’s best friend and had been since 7th grade. They did almost everything together. Over the summer Jane had practically lived at Samantha’s house. “I’ll do almost anything to get away from my sisters.” Jane had said after spending a week at Samantha’s house. Samantha couldn’t blame her. Jane lived with her five older sisters in a townhouse about two miles from the school. Jane never talked about her parents and had endless stories about her sisters. Samantha was excited to talk to Jane again. She hadn’t heard from her friend in the last week and was super excited when she saw Jane’s cinnamon colored hair come around the corner. Samantha stood and ran to her friend tackling her in a massive bear hug.

“Sam! Sam, stop.” Jane laughed. “You’re embarrassing me!”

“Sorry.” Samantha said pulling away. She looked Jane up and down. She was the same as ever. Ripped jeans, and an old band t-shirt and … was she wearing makeup? “You have something on your face.” Samantha pointed out.

Jane looked annoyed. “Allie insisted she give me makeup. She said something like ‘you don’t want all the boys thinking you live in a dump to you?’ and dragged me off before I could complain.”

“Aww, you poor beautiful thing.” Samantha mused.

Jane pushed Samantha playfully and asked if she had seen Joshua or Garret yet. “No,” Samanta said. “But I wouldn’t be surprised if they made an entrance.” Jane nodded and together they walked back over to Emmett who still hadn’t moved from his reading but appeared to be another chapter in.


An hour and a half later all of the seniors were sitting in the auditorium waiting for a lecture from the vice principal who was busy speaking to the rest of the school. Joshua and Garret still hadn’t shown up yet and it was beginning to look like they might not make the assembly. Emmett had finally put away his book and was listening to Samantha and Jane gossip. Emmett had dirty blonde hair and always wore khaki pants. It was strange, as smart as Emmett was he didn’t dress like the other nerds at school. Even as he sat there now with his feet up on the chair he didn’t look too different from the other boys.

The lights in the auditorium dimmed and the senior class fell into silence. The school's mascot threw back the curtains and stepped onto center stage. The spotlight lit up the the school’s blue dragon mascot and somewhere off stage rock music began to play. The audience had no idea what was happening but could do nothing but watch on in amazement as the blue dragon began dancing to the music. Teachers that had been stationed around the auditorium began looking around in bewilderment and started whispering with one another. This was not how the assembly was supposed to go.

Many of the students were laughing and had brought out their phones to video the dancing blue dragon who was now pulling a small cannon from behind the curtain on stage right. The dragon pulled a lever and t-shirts and streamers flew out over the crowd. Students were making a grab for the flying shirts and falling over one another in attempts to grab one. The music stopped playing and Samantha looked back to the stage just in time to see the blue dragon breathe fire. The crowd gasped, the dragon dove off stage, and the sprinkler system turned on.

Students ran for the doors screaming and laughing. Samantha grabbed Emmett by the wrist and followed Jane through the crowd of students rushing to get outside. The sun was warm on Samantha’s soaking back. She was standing next to Emmett and Jane who were both shivering when a voice spoke from beside them.

“Well that was awesome.”

Samantha turned her head and glared at Joshua and Garret. Who were smiling from ear to ear.

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