The Dealer

Calum Hood is a drug dealer. Jayde Mills is Calum's "friend". Jayde never realized how bad the drug thing was until she visited Calum in the city and he was high the whole time.


13. Chapter 13






I was ten weeks away from giving birth, if I made it to my due date that is. Lately my stomach had been killing me and it felt as if it couldn't get any bigger. I had called my doctor thinking I had gone into labor but she assured that it was just braxton hicks. They were pretty painful. 

Today was my baby shower and I would be making the trip to my sisters house where she decided the party would be. I didn't really need anymore things but she insisted that we have one. I wasn't going to stop her. 

I got there early to help her set things up but of course she wouldn't let me. 

"Do you have names pick out?" She asked standing in front of me with her hands on my stomach. 

"I do, yeah." I smiled. "I'm not telling you." I added leaning over to grab my water. "I've been debating about three names." I confirmed. I was most likely going to pick it once she was born. Once I see her I think it'll be easier to pick her name. 

"You're seriously not going to tell me?" She asked. 


"Hello!" Mom shouted coming into the house with dad behind her. "Look how much my granddaughter has grown." Mom said resting her hands on my belly and smiling. I was so thankfully that finally she came around to the fact that I was pregnant. 

"She's huge." I laughed. "I love her." I smiled. "So, what type of food are we having?" I questioned. 

"Pasta, salad, garlic bread." Julia answered. "It's the oven." She said and I leaned over slightly, as much as my belly would allow, and glanced at it. It was covered but I wanted it. "Don't touch it!" She said from where she was hanging decorations in the living room. 

"So Jules, when are you gonna have a baby?" Dad asked her as he held the tape. I moved closer to them to hear what she had to say. 

"Probably not for another year. Nick just got a new job." She answered taking a piece of tape from him. Mali-Koa and Joy showed up next and were more than excited about being apart of this. 

"Is Calum here?" Joy asked. 

"Uh, no. I haven't talked to him in weeks." I commented looking at the cake that was sitting on the kitchen table. 

"Oh." She said a little confused but I knew she wasn't going to question it. Not today. Guests started to arrive and I was so excited to see everyone. Tons of people from my office came, even Ashton came which I was surprised about. 

"Hey." He smiled resting his hand on my back and kissing my cheek. 

"Hi. How are you?" I asked smiling. "Did Calum come with you?" I asked. 

"No. He's at home." I nodded. "Are you excited for her arrival?" He asked. 

"Super excited." I smiled. "Her room is almost finished and then everything will be all set for her to come." 

"Do you need help building anything?" He asked. 

"I think I'm good. Luke built everything. Everything else is pretty easy." I answered. "But if you could come over after this to help me carry the presents upstairs that would be awesome." 

"Of course. Whatever I can do to help." He answered. We both went to get food and then sat down together. It was a nice day out and since I sweating we sat outside. "What's it like? Being pregnant?" He asked. 

"Why are you pregnant?" I asked laughing. 

"Just curious." He shrugged. 

"It's strange. Like theres a person growing inside of me. Feeling her kick is the strangest thing in the world." I looked down at my stomach. I was wearing a pink flowing dress but could still see my stomach move as she kicked me. "I'm gonna have a baby soon." I said. 

"Yeah." He laughed. "You're gonna be a mom." He said. "That's crazy."

"Do you wanna be a dad some day?" I questioned as I sat back after I was finished eating. 

"Yeah. Of course I do. Now isn't the time." He answered. " Don't think my girl would be down to have a kid right now either." I nodded. 

"It happens on accident sometimes you know." I said. "I didn't do it on purpose." 

"I don't think you did it on purpose." He said looking at me even though I couldn't see his eyes through his sunglasses. "Who thinks you did it on purpose?" 

"Calum." I answered. He sighed and sat back and crossed his arms. "It's annoying. I'm sorry. I'll stop." 

"That's not why he isn't talking to you." He blurted. 

"You know why he isn't talking to me?" I asked. "Did I do something?" 

"No. He didn't tell me why. You didn't do anything." I rested my hands on my belly and sighed. "Just give him time." 

"How much more time am I suppose to give him Ashton? It's been three weeks!" I raised my voice. 

"Jayde, just... Let him be." He answered standing up. "I'm gonna go. I'll meet you at your apartment at 6." He said before leaving. I took care of our plates and walked inside. 

"Do you wanna open presents?" Julia asked. 

"Sure." I smiled maybe that would cheer me up. Seeing the clothes and other things for my little girl. I walked passed a table and looked down at it. "What's this?" I asked. 

"Oh. That's a calendar. People wrote down their guess and then put a bet in this jar. Whoever gets the closets wins the money." Julia said. "And this is a list of names." I lifted it and looked at it. 

"One of the names I picked is on here." I commented. 

"Which one?" She asked. 

"Nice try." I smiled and continued into the living room to open the gifts. It mostly consisted of clothes, books, diapers, bath things (which thank god because I didn't have anything for bath time), and toys. I was so thankful for the people around me who wanted to make this day special. 


I was still debating if I should change my name and move states. Start all over. Clean slate. Ashton changed my mind. No matter what I've done wrong in this world, Ashton has always been there to remind me that I have someone to talk to. 

"Dude." Ashton busted into my room. "Just call her." 

"I need time." He sighed. I knew he was dealing with both of us annoying him but he as going to need to put up with it a little longer. "If she calls again just tell her I left. Make her believe that I'm not here anymore." He shook his head and closed his eyes. 

"Her baby shower was today. I went." He commented. 

"Oh. So obviously she asked about me." He nodded sitting down on the chair at my desk. "What did you tell her?" 

"That you needed time. Also told her that I would go over later to help her with the baby things." 

"What no." I said. 

"What do you mean no?" 

"I mean why are you helping her? You're suppose to be on my side." 

"Your side? Your side about what?" He asked. "It's not like you got into a huge fight over who is right and wrong." He commented. "Calum, she's carrying your baby whether you like it or not. If you don't want to be apart of that, just tell her." 

"How do I possibly tell her that?" I asked. 

"See, I can't give you advice because if a girl ever came to me and said she was pregnant, I would just dump her." He answered standing up. "Stand up and be a god damn man." He answered. His phone rang a few minutes later. "Hi, Jayde." He looked at me. "Are you sure? It's no trouble for me to come by." 

I rolled my eyes. He was seriously going to go over there? 

"Alright well let me know if you need anything." He sighed. "Bye." He sat back down looking at me. "I'll support you through this but I'm also going to support her." 


I was able to get everything into the apartment myself, with a few trips. Of course I had to sit and rest in between the trips but I made it. The apartment was overflowing with baby things. I didn't have room for all of these things. I had the diapers stacked in the closet in the hallway. I needed to get a bookcase for all of the books. I didn't realize I was going to get so many. 

I stood back and held my hands to my hips. 

"What the hell am I going to do with this?" I asked out loud. Not that anyone was going to answer me back. "Oi." I sat down on the floor and started folding laundry. My life was crazy right now. 

I hummed as I folded and organized things. The baby made herself known and I smiled. 

"Hi, baby." I said rubbing where she kicked. "So close to meeting you." I smiled as she kicked my hand. "I think I have your name picked out." 

"Mae." I said and there was no movement. "Awe. Is that a no?" I pouted. I guess I wasn't going to go with that. I had two other names picked out. 

"Violet?" She kicked me making me smile. I guess I was going with Violet Mae. I had a neighbor when I was in high school and her name was Mae and she was the cutest little girl I'd ever seen. Violet Mae Mills. I am so excited to meet you. 

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