Born to Rule

When the clans don't think a woman could be a good leader, Faye MacFirea decides to take matters into her own hands to prove that she is a suitable heir to the five clans.


1. Prologue

Faye looked at her father as he bent down and plucked a daisy. Seumas smiled and carefully put it behind her ear as Faye giggled and smiled as father's expression suddenly turned serious and Faye realised he was looking right past her. Faye turned around and followed his gaze and then looked back at him, as he looked searchingly around. There was a faint sound of a woman screaming. "Wait here lass," said her father and looked at her. He grabbed her shoulders, "whatever you do, do not move away from this spot, ye ken?" 

"Aye, father." Agreed Faye, as her father began to walk. Faye turned around and watched the walk turn into a run. Of course she couldn't resist walking after him, she saw a woman laying on the ground, with a man on top of her. She was crying, screaming and struggling, as Seumas grabbed him by the shoulders and yanked him away and began shouting at him in gaelic. Then he shoved the man away, and helped the woman on her feet. He put his arm comfortingly around her and turned around, but stopped immediatly when he saw Faye. "Faye...," said Seumas, "I told you to stay over there lass, you should ken to do what I say!" He snapped, and Faye winced. He relaxed his face muscled, sighed and held out his hand to her, "c'mere lass,"

Faye took his hand and they went home.

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