The Knight of Grim Tidings A novel

London, England, 1435.

Lord Charles Aitken, a rich man in England, tells a story about The Knight of Grim Tidings, a sinster figure of legend, who spells evil to those who live there.


8. The Knight of Grim Tidings-Part Eight


Lord Charles smiled. 

"Good morning, Lord Shelton. And Lady Shelton. I'm sure that your stay in London won't be in vain". "Nay, my Lord. It's with deep concern that the villagers are scared of a Knight", Lord Nathaniel said. He gazed at his wife. She smiled. Then they, as well as Anton, walked up the stone steps towards the front entrance. Lord Daniel smiled at them. "Nathaniel, it's been too long for us to be apart. I was fox hunting with you in Scotland before you travelled to London back in 1433". The Lord smiled. "Aye, I remember that time. When Mother died during Christmas time, she bequeathed a lot of money for our family. Father has stayed with us until he has lodgings somewhere else". He walked to the chambers. "Ah, a wonderful place indeed; a place to enjoy ourselves while we ponder the tale of the Knight". Lady Elizabeth gasped. She hadn't thought of stirring things up; she was waiting for the perfect time to write her book in the study which was to the left of the chambers. 


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