In a world of eternal darkness, the light is slowly seeping in. It’s up to one particular winged warrior to save the Night.


13. Chapter 13

Chapter 13


~ Three Cycles Later ~

Ryan watches over Estrie with grief in his heart. He is at Dais' house, as he had been for the past three Cycles. Estrie lays on the bed, comatose. Her black hair wild and matted, her moon-pale skin bruised and scraped. 

He had cleaned the blood off of her. The stream had ran red. But almost none of it had been her's. 

Why wasn't she awake? 

Dais claims it's because of magic. She had exhausted her Heartmagic, and her body must rest to encompass for it. 

But Ryan worries. It's been three Cycles since the battle, since they found her body broken and unconscious at the edge of the trees. Her arm had been broke, but they had quickly made a sling and carried her gently backed to Dais' house.

He sighs, and takes her limp hand in his. 

But worry nags at him, and not for Estrie. 

For the fangs in his mouth. 

Is he Creature now? He had seen how they had fought in battle, with brutal efficiency. Tearing and biting and ripping with their teeth and claws. 

He pushed it out of his mind, and a second train of thought jumps in to replace that one. 


His body had been found on the Night side, which is lucky, because if he had rested in the Day side he would most likely have been burned for being a traitor, regardless of him already being dead, and his ashes lost to the desert wind. 

They had buried him, in a unmarked grave at the base of the Onyx Mountains. 

Estrie would be furious they hadn't given him a proper funeral, but it is all they could do. 

Ryan drops Estrie's hand and head to his room, retreating inside and closing the door, flopping in the cushy mattress and staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep. 

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