Oh sister

What happens when Quaillen Short comes to LEP. and her beauty catches Artemis fowl's eye


1. Quailen Short

Artemi Fowl Stood Behind Foaly  Holly stared at the screen. They were arguing about what Foaly should and shouldn't do about the Broken sensers. Just then a gorgeous elf came in with long blonde hair. With a teenage outfit on. "Guys. Why are we arguing about this?" She said in a tone that caught Artemis's attention. She flipped her hair  and crossed her arms."who might you be?" Artemis asked."Quailen Short. She purred. And shooked his hand." You can call me Quail". Said. " Artemis Fowl the second". Artemis said. He didn't real long want to let go her hand. He noticed her hand was covered in diomonds. Was Holly's family rich?"


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