Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


21. Chapter Twenty-One

I looked at the both of them with hope in their eyes. I feel like shit about this. I don't like the fact that one of them is going to get hurt.

"Promise me. Who ever I didnt Choose we will stay best friends and we will always be their for one another" I stated.

"Yes we promise" they agreed.

"Okay.... so I've been thinking about it all night basically. Had to phone a friend and I've come down to my decision. I followed my heart but I'm really sorry for the person I didn't choose. It's so hard for me to say this but the person I've chosen is... Ethan." I said and looked at their faces.

Grayson's face didn't seem as upset as I thought it was. I guess he is just happy for his brother so that's really sweet of him.

But Ethan's face lit up and he was so happy. He jumped up and down which made me laugh.

"Are you joking" Ethan asked still smiling in shock.

"No" I giggled.

He came to be and gave me the biggest hug.

He spun me around like in the movies when the couple kiss and hug under the rain. It was really cute.

"I'm happy for you too" Grayson said standing up from his seat.

"No hard feelings?" I asked.

"Definitely not" Grayson said giving me a hug.

Even though now I've chosen Ethan I still will always have that little feeling about Grayson but maybe it'll go away soon.

"Thanks for understanding" I said to Grayson letting go of the hug and he went upstairs.

"I can't believe you chose me! Most girls go for Grayson so I was expecting to be let down but... wow" Ethan said hugging me again.

"Yeah but I do feel bad" I said looking at the ground.

"Hey, look at me" Ethan said holding my chin in his hand directing it his face.

"Grayson will be okay. I've seen him with girls. He'll get over it. But let's remember this moment okay" he said smiling.

"Your right, sorry" I said now all embarrassed.

"Your cute when your embarrassed" Ethan said smiling.

"Shut up" I laughed.

I turned my face until we were staring into each other's eyes. He had the best hazel eyes. But some days you can't tell if he has brown or green eyes. They change a lot.

Before I knew it he leaned in and so did I.

He kissed me passionately and soft.

It didn't go for to long because we didn't want Grayson to come down and be like what the fuck get a room. So it was a small but rememberable kiss.

"So does that mean your my girlfriend?" Ethan asked.

"Well you have to ask me" I teased.

"Neeve will you be my- " he started but I interrupted.

"No on your knees" I putted to the ground.

"Are you serious" he grounded in annoyance.

"Yes, if your doing may as well do it extra" I laughed.

He just rolled his eyes and laughed.

"Neeve. Will you please be my girlfriend" Ethan said smiling.

"I'll have to think about it" I teased again.

"Seriously" he questioned.

"I'm joking of course I'll be your girlfriend" I laughed and went into Ethan's arms. Hugging me and I put my head of his chest.

So now I'm officially dating Ethan Dolan. Sweet.


For the whole day we didn't really do anything.

We watched movies.

Filmed YouTube videos.

Ate food (like usual)

So it was a normal day and Grayson was with us as well. I'm happy that he's still my friend. Best friend really.

It's night right now but I left the Dolan house a couple of hours ago and now I'm in bed texting Ethan. I totally have a life.

Me: so when do we tell the fans.. or do we even tell me.

Ethan: well. I wouldn't tell them now just in case anything happened so I would say give it a two or three months and let them speculate somethings happened.

Me: so we go out in public together but don't talk about the relationship and make the fans think we are dating but then in a couple of month we tell me that we are🤨.

Ethan: basically. You've already got it down😂.

Me: YAY I'm a pro😂.

Ethan: I have to go Grayson wants me but I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Me: okay talk later bye✌🏽

Ethan: hahah see ya✌🏽

And that's all is heard from him today.

It's good that I don't have to worry about this anymore.

I have Ethan. I don't have to worry about Grayson. Even though their is a feeling I still can't seem to get rid of but hey, it'll go soon....  hopefully.

I went down stairs to the kitchen to make myself some dinner. When I was cooking I got a message.

I got the phone thinking it was Lauren but actually... it was from my dad. What does he want.

Dad: so you still haven't messaged me back since the accident But you can manage to call your mother twice about boy problems. Is that honestly how much you love me? You put your boy problems before your own father. Fine I see how it is. Don't talk to me right now because I'm really hurt. I love you I honestly do but I need a break right now. Just leave me for a bit and text me in a couple of weeks.

And that's it.

Of course on the one day I felt like over the moon.

Nope my dad has to ruin it. Great.

I didn't reply because that's what it said on the text and I just started cooking my dinner again.


It was after dinner and I decided to go to bed and read some tweets.

I was scrolling down and I found one ethan had tweeted a couple of hours ago.

Ethandolan: honesty best day today. I'm honestly the luckiest guy right now!

Fans are going crazy! Some think it's about a girl maybe but some think it's about a YouTube video.

I love seeing the fans act like this. It's really cute.

But I can't get over the tweet Ethan tweeted.

It's so cute and I'm glad i made him feel happy.

I think this is a great start to a new relationship!

At least so I thought.

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