Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


32. Chapter Thirty-Two

Grayson's POV

Neeve stormed out... and I don't know why.

She's been acting all angry today since Lauren's been here. Maybe she's just nervous but I think she's jealous. Ethan and Lauren have been talking and getting close but it's nothing to serious.

When she left. Lauren and Ethan looked at me with shock.

"What happened" Lauren said getting up.

"I.. don't know" I responded.

"I'll go after her" Lauren said starting to run when I stopped her.

"No I'll go" I said starting to run.

I looked to my left then my right when I saw neeve speed running. I ran after her calling her name. What's gotten into her?


No response. She just started to run now.


Which just made her run even faster.

I was looking at her face a saw that she started to cross the road.

I ran after her even more and finally I nearly caught up to her.

I looked at the surroundings and saw that we were in a park. With trees, play ground with little kids playing laughing like they do. And some Park benches which neeve was sat at one.

I ran to her. She had her hands crossed over her arms. She looked seriously pissed.

I sat next to her and we didn't say anything for a while.

"What's gotten into you" I said trying to catch my breath a little.

"Nothing I'm Fine" she said with frustration.

"No your not. I know neeve but what the fuck has gotten into you" I said making her face me now.

"OH MY GOD IM FUCKING FINE! I JUST WANT TO BE ALONE!" She shouted that made me jump.

If she not going to tell me and make me worried over her just being a bitch I'll just go back and enjoy my evening.

"Okay. You know what. I'm left them there to help you and you won't even tell me what's wrong. You need to stop being a bitch for once and let people help you. Life is not just about you. I'm trying to help but you won't let me in so just go fuck yourself" I said then walking out.

Okay maybe I shouldn't of said all of that but... I just got so angry.

"Grayson!" I heard neeve say coming up to me.

I ignored and started to walk out of the park when a pair of arms swung me around and now i was facing her.

"What's gotten into you?" Neeve asked.


"First of all calm the fuck down. Second of all let me explain" she said gesturing to the bench.

I didn't move.

"Oh come on... please"

"Fine." I said bluntly. Walking past her bumping her shoulder. Okay now I'm being a real dick but I don't give to fucks right now.

We sat there and didn't say anything. I looked at her and I could see she was in deep thought.

"So you going to tell me or is this a waste of time?" I said.

"Sorry.... just thinking of what to say" she mumbled.

"Come on Just hurry up"

"Okay Fine. I don't know why but ever since Lauren came I felt uneasy when she's been with Ethan.

"It's called jealousy hun" i sassed. I mentally laughed at myself for being sassy cause that's normally Ethan's thing.

Her eyes opened. Maybe she didn't think she was being a jealous bitch this whole time.

"Your right..... I'm sorry" she sighed.

"You don't have to be sorry to me be sorry to Ethan and Lauren"

"Not for that. For making you angry"

I didn't reply. I wasn't really angry that she wasn't telling me. Well that's half true but I was mainly angry she was getting jealous over Ethan.

I like her and I know Ethan does to but when I see her like this with Ethan. Makes me jealous I have to admit.

"Can I ask you something" neeve said looking at me.


"Why did you get angry at me?"

"Um... cause I was trying to help but you wouldn't let me." I lied a bit.

"Come on that's not the only reason. Please Grayson"

"I guess.... I was jealous myself" I chuckled feeling embarrassed.

Neeve put a smile on her face blushing a little but quickly hiding it again.


"Yeah" I chuckled.

"Why?" She asked.

"Um.... because you were jealous of Ethan and things and I guess I felt left out"

"You know I like you and Ethan right?"

"Yeah..." I wish it was just me though.

"But one day I have to choose" she sighed.

"It'll have to be soon" I added in. I can't keep doing this anymore.

"I know" neeve said resting her head on my shoulder.

I looked down at her and smiled. She looked so calm now. No anger or anything inside her.

She looked up at me. We stared at each other for a little while.

She started leaning in which made me heart skip like 20 billion beats. No wonder girls say they feel like this cause I'm starting to aswell.

I leaded in when I felt our lips connect to each other.

Thankfully for once it was me not Ethan. Maybe it's meant to be. Even if it isn't it feels right.

I'm pretty sure we were making out for ages now.

People at the park looking at us like we're crazy. Which I don't blame them because we totally are.

Our lips were in sync moving as one. I started to get out of breath so I pulled away breathing heavily.

I looked at her with a smile on my face.

She was blushing. She was embarrassed. I don't blame her. We were making out on a park bench for about 10 minutes. With people watching us.

I chuckled a little bit which made her face my direction smiling.

"C'mon we should get back" I said getting up.

"Fine.." she whined which made me laugh.


Neeve's POV

When we got there Ethan and Lauren were on their phones. Still talking but not really paying attention.

We ate dinner and talked about things. It was still a bit awkward but I had Grayson by my side.

What happened at the park stays at the park but I couldn't help but smile thinking about it.

The decision is going to be hard to make.

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