Asahina Brothers x Reader

Asahina brothers from brothers conflict x reader.


1. I

[Story takes place five years after anime, Ema isn't a part because she is in college]

You parked in the driveway outside of a large house. You drove a 1962 Chevrolet Corvette that had modifications. It had nice, new insides, like a new engine and a new battery. Attached to the back was a small trailer. You didn't get a moving truck because your stuff fit easily into the trailer. Grabbing the backpack and duffel bag that was in her car, you put the top on and went inside. You were moving into the Asahina house. After your apartment building was set to be demolished, you had nowhere to go until one of your colleagues offered the Asahina place. She was friends with the mother of the Asahina brothers, so you got to move in on one condition of their mother. There can be no fraternizing with any of the brothers. You didn't think it would be a big deal, even if you were single.

You wore a navy blue tank top and some ripped jeans, and your hair was long, wavy and dyed navy blue. White roots came out the top of your head. For a twenty-three year old woman, you were extremely short. Five feet tall, in fact. Walking into the main room, you looked for someone else there. You had no idea which room was yours, so it was good that one of the brothers was there. He had short, messy hair that was a light brown. He had a few clips in his hair and he wore a green and white striped shirt. Over it was a grey vest, and he had some tan pants with a belt on. His eyes were a pretty hazel, and you could see them very clearly, seeing as he was a foot from your face when you turned around. You jumped, nearly dropping the duffel bag on your foot.

"Hello. What are you doing here?" he asked sweetly.

"I'm (y/n), your new roommate," you said, sighing.

"Right, I forgot. I'm Futo, the twelfth son," he stuck out his hand, and you shook it. "If you're looking for your room, it's the one in between S9 and L8. It doesn't have a number because we've been using it as a storage space until now. But it's the same size as all the rooms, so you'll be fine,"

"Okay, thanks. But who are S9 and L8?" you asked.

"S9 is Subaru and L8 is Louis. I'm F12," he replied.

"Alright. Well, I better get going," you said, walking up the stairs to your room. Finding the blank door, you went inside. After dropping your bags on the floor, you left the room to get the rest of your stuff. You grabbed a large, heavy box, carrying it without any help. While you were going up the stairs, you tripped on a step, as you couldn't see the floor. Falling backwards, your only thought was well fuck, I'm gonna die. Surprisingly, the floor was a lot more comfortable than you thought. Then you realized someone had caught you. The box of stuff lay on a step in front of you, and holding you in his arms was a golden haired monk. You were very confused.

"I never would have thought hell would have monks," you muttered to yourself.

The man smiled, still holding you for some reason. "How could an angel like yourself ever fall into hell?"

You mentally gagged. Noticing you squirm, the monk set you down. Because of your height difference, you were looking straight up.

"Hi, I'm your new roommate. Thanks for catching me, but I need to finish moving my shit, so..." you turned away, picking up the box and climbing up the stairs.

"That's not heavy?"

"I'm not a damsel in distress. I'll kick your ass any time," you scowled.

"Provided that you aren't near any stairs at the time, I'm guessing?" he smirked.

"Ha. Ha. You're a comedy genius. Look, I don't usually fall down stairs, I was just distracted, okay?" he was now following you down the hall.

"What's your name?" he asked.


"That's a pretty name. I'm Kaname,"

"Uhuh," you opened your door, setting the box down before heading back outside.

"Do you need any help with that?" Kaname asked. "It'll go faster if you have two people carrying boxes,"


Soon all of your stuff was in your new room, and you said a quick goodbye, slamming the door when he wanted to stay. You were unpacked in an hour, and soon you heard a knock on your door. Opening it, you found a tall, dark grey haired man wearing a white jacket with teal and black, a teal shirt and some black pants.

"Hey, we're eating dinner. Kaname sent me to come get you,"

"Thanks. I'm (y/n). It's nice to meet you," you stuck out your hand for him to shake it.

He shook it timidly, not looking at you. "Nice to meet you too. I'm Subaru,"

You follow him down the stairs and into the dining room, where several brothers sat at a table. They all introduced themselves. On the very left of your side was Kaname. Just like when you first met him, he was a thirty-two year old playboy. Across from him was Tsubaki, a white-haired beauty who could be very cheeky and pushy. Even so, he was a very hard-working twenty-nine year old man. Next to Kaname was Azusa, Tsubaki's identical twin. Unlike his twin, he was more calm and mature. But you still got an impression of the same determination that Tsubaki had, just less prominent. Across from Azusa was Natsume, Azusa and Tsubaki's fraternal twin. He wasn't very talkative, but once he did get to talking, you found him very interesting. He even said he could hook you up with a video game you had been excited about, but was yet to come out. Across from you was Subaru. He was twenty-five and liked basketball a lot, in fact he didn't seem interested in much else. He was very shy around you. He was fine talking to any of his brothers, but a blush and averting eyes appeared every time you spoke to him. On your right was Yusuke, a twenty-two year old redhead. He had a strong sense of justice and was a little hot headed. Across from Yusuke was Futo, who was twenty years old and very pretty, and you learned he was a lot more cheeky, sly, and confident than the first impression he had given you.

At the end of the night, most everyone was going to bed. You sat in the living room, working on your laptop when Kaname came downstairs. It was obvious that he had just taken a shower, seeing as he was in nothing but a white, cvmvshower towel. Looking up, you nearly choked in surprise. You lifted the book higher so that it obstructed your view of his well-toned upper body. A blush formed on your face, your feminine side rumbling, especially in your... lower regions. Kaname, noticing the blush spreading on your face, smiled. He walked over, picking the newspaper lying on the end table, and sat down next to you. You scooted a bit away from him, and he scooted closer to you than you were before. He leaned over, casually putting his hand on your thigh. You noticed a bulge on his crotch, and you realized that the reason was he was way above average. And having an erection. You blushed more, making nearly all of your cheeks beet red.

"What're you doing on your computer?" he asked.

"I'm writing. That's kinda what I do for a living," you wanted to scoot away some more, but you were at the very end of the couch, so there was nowhere you could move away to.

Kaname saw your face and his smirk widened. "Why's your face so red?"

"I don't know, but maybe, just maybe it's because a half-naked, thirty-two year old man is sitting directly next to me," you said, annoyed.

"Why should it bother you? I'm your roommate," he said softly.

"And I've just met you, so could you put on some damn clothes," you said angrily.

Kaname chuckled. Getting up, he left to go "put on some damn clothes." You sighed in relief.

You ended up staying the whole night working, causing all of the brothers to be worried about you. The bags under your eyes and your constant yawning gave you away immediately.

"Why would you stay up all night? It's really irresponsible," said Natsume to you at breakfast.

"First of all, you're not my mom. Second of all, I'm an insomniac. I don't get to sleep for days at a time. I try, but when I fail I work," you argued.

"You're an insomniac? Haven't you tried medicine that will help you sleep?" asked Masaomi.

"Yes, and none works,"

"So, what were you working on?" Azusa asked.

"I was writing,"

"Is that a hobby of yours?" Iori asked.

"No, I'm an author. I mainly write novels, but I also write scripts," you replied. "I'm working for Madhouse on a new anime called War of Gods. I work with a team on the script for it, but sometimes one of us will write a script for an episode and bring it into the studio for all of us to look over and edit. That's what I was doing last night. Speaking of which, I'm gonna be gone all day screenwriting with my team at the studio,"

Azusa and Tsubaki were paralyzed. Everyone else knew you had a cool job, but only the two voice actors understood just how popular and successful Madhouse was. Finally, Tsubaki spoke.

"You work for Madhouse?"

"Yeah, I just said that," you replied.

"Holy crap! I didn't realize that you worked there! That's amazing!" he said excitedly.

"Tsubaki and I have been trying to get auditions for War of Gods since it came out," Azusa added.

"Really? Well, since I'm one of the writers, I might be able to get auditions for you two. We're introducing two characters in one of the upcoming episodes and we don't have actors for them yet," you said.

The twins gasped. "Seriously? That would be amazing! How can we ever pay you back for this?"

You smiled. "I'll think of something,"

"What are the parts?" Azusa asked.

"They're both going to be important characters, recurring in at least three episodes. But I can't tell you about the character until I find out if you can get an audition. The studio doesn't want leaked information,"

So when you went to work, you talked to the studio, recommending the two voice actors. They agreed, and you came home with a smile on your face. Azusa and Tsubaki were waiting for you, and before they could ask, you simply said,


Tsubaki looked confused. "What?"

You walked over to where they were sitting. "Your audition is Friday at three pm,"

Both twins leaped up, giving you a hug. You blushed at the contact. Not fraternizing was going to be a lot harder than you thought.

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