Tsubaki x Reader

Tsubaki Asahina x Reader


1. I

[Author Note: Story takes place after Ema has graduated. She has left the Asahina house and is in college. It is five years after Brothers Conflict takes place, so that's why everyone is five years older. You are twenty five years old, have long, mint blue hair, love anime, video games, and reading. You live with the Asahina brothers and are secretly dating Tsubaki. You mainly read fantasy and adventure, but recently you've been trying some new genres...]

You sat on a couch in the living room you lived in, reading American Gods. It was an erotica, and you knew that your roommates would kill to know she read that stuff. If any of the Asahina brothers found out, the teasing would never end. Your long, minty blue hair was put up in a messy bun. You wore some sweatpants and a light blue shirt. However, underneath your casual clothes was something that would be a lot more appealing to a certain someone that night. You had on some black underwear and a black bra to match, and because you could see the bra through your shirt, you were wearing a jacket over the shirt.

You were so engrossed in your book that you didn't notice the figure creeping towards you. They got closer and closer, you still completely unaware. Kaname snatched the book from your grasp.

"What the hell, Kaname? Give it back!" You yelled.

Shit, you thought. Kaname was the worst one to know what I read. Kaname looked at the book cover, eyebrows raising, and then at the page you were on. He grinned, and you knew you were screwed for life.

"Well, somebody is a lot more dirty then we thought,"

"Give. It. Back,"

"Why do you want it so much? Wait, no. What are you going to do with it?" Kaname smirked.

"Fuck you," you spat as he dangled it above your head.

You were always a short person, and had stopped growing any more than five feet after fifth grade.

"How rude. And I was even thinking about not telling every single brother I know,"

"Kaname, we both know you're going to tell everyone, so just do it already. Wow, how funny, I read erotica. I said it already, and I'll say it again. Fuck. You,"

"Alright, if you're really okay with it then... HEY GUYS COME CHECK THIS OUT!" he yelled to his brothers.

All of the brothers were home at the time, for they were going to have a big celebration in a half hour. Azusa and Tsubaki's new movie had just come out, and everyone was going to watch it together. So twelve brothers came down the stairs into the living room, making thirteen in total. Kaname told Wataru to go to his room for a moment. Only big boys allowed, apparently.

"Sorry to interrupt, but look what I found (y/n) reading," he said in a singsong voice.

Every single brother except for Tsubaki was ecstatic. Instead, he had an angry look in his eyes. You saw this look, and immediately felt regret for not trying harder to stop Kaname. You had no idea what your boyfriend was going to do. After everyone had finally stopped laughing and teasing, everyone except for Kaname and Tsubaki went back upstairs, finding a certain ten year old brother who didn't look too happy to be left out. At least they would be punished too by Wataru. This was because all night long they would hear, "What happened? What happened? What happened?"

"Well, (y/n), here's your book. But remember, we start movie night in twenty minutes, so try to refrain from anything until later," Kaname handed the book back to you.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. You are so funny," she said sarcastically. "Oh, and Kaname?"

He had been walking up the stairs when hearing his name. Turning around, he got a not-so-friendly gesture.

"Fuck you,"

"I thought you were going to do that to yourself?" He asked innocently.

It took all of Tsubaki's strength to hold you back from tearing Kaname to shreds. Once you had calmed down, the look from earlier reappeared on his face. You were suddenly terrified to be alone with him. You both sat on the couch, not saying anything. Suddenly, Tsubaki tackled you, holding your arms above your head and hovering inches from your face.

"Tsubaki?" you asked. You knew something like this would be coming.

"I have to admit, neither me nor my brothers would have ever have taken you to read something like that. In fact, everyone thinks that the book you read is barely an erotica. But let me tell you a little story, (y/n). A few years back I was voice acting for a character that was very much so into erotica. Seeing as I like to prepare and be in tune with the character I'm playing, I decided to read a little myself. So we both know exactly how dirty American Gods is,"

You had no idea what to do. You also had no idea what he was wanting to do. At least Tsubaki was the type of man to back off if you said no.

"But don't worry. I'm not going to do anything to you,"

Wait, what? I thought he was going to do something really dirty to me! Thank god, I were terrified!

"I'll leave that fun for later tonight,"

Ah, fuck. That's what I get for getting my hopes up. Fuck.

"Like Kaname said, we're about to have a celebration, and I can't keep my brothers waiting,"

Tsubaki got off of you, leaving the room. Now you had to wait an hour, obsessing and freaking out about whatever it was he would do. Thankfully, the movie did take your mind off it a little, and afterwards you all chatted. You were congratulating Azusa and Tsubaki when Natsume came over.

"The movie was great. You guys should be proud,"

Just then, Masaomi came over to talk to the brothers about a hospital scene. Natsume and you chatted for a bit. He, Azusa and Tsubaki were the brothers you hung out with the most. As you were talking, Natsume remembered something.

"Oh, right! I completely forgot! (y/n), I was wondering if you could do me a favor," he said.

"Well, that depends on what it is," you joked.

"One of our video game beta testers quit, and I was wondering if you wanted to replace them,"

"Seriously? That would be awesome! Thank you!" you hugged Natsume.

You loved video games, and were a total nerd about them. So getting to test games for free that weren't even out yet would be great. However, you noticed that Tsubaki wasn't very pleased with you. He could get pretty jealous whenever you were near his brothers. This always frustrated you, because he would get angry and fight with you. When you first started dating, he would butt in on the conversation, taking you away so that you could be lectured. After a while you told him that he would have to stop being so jealous. If he had a problem then he should talk to you later. He followed this rule, and now whenever he got jealous he would wait. Even so, you and him still argued about it and sometimes would stay mad for several days. He knew you weren't trying to flirt or anything like that, but you being near so many guys, especially guys that believed you were single was terrifying. He didn't want you taken away from him. Not only that, but he knew there was a high chance that at least one other brother liked you. Because you lived in a house with thirteen guys, the chances of others liking you and making a move on you were drowning your boyfriend, making him get afraid whenever you were hitting it off with a brother.

At the end of the night, most of the brothers had gone to bed, Tsubaki had left too, which surprised you because of what he had said earlier. It was just you and Futo, both of you sitting on a long couch. You were reading again, this time a fantasy book. Futo was on his phone, and after a few moments he put it down.

"What are you reading? Is it more-" Futo was smirking, about to tease you about your earlier read when you interrupted him.

"It's a fantasy series about class. Basically, there are people with silver blood who have powers and people with red blood that have no powers. The silver blooded people rule the kingdom and in the story the red blooded people are fighting back. And no, it's not erotica. In fact, there's barely any romance at all, Futo. So no need to tease,"

A few minutes later, you said goodnight to Futo and headed off to your room. You walked in, finding it dark, turning to switch on the light, you saw the door close, and Tsubaki standing there. He didn't look happy.

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