Undertale x Reader

Many undertale characters x reader.


1. Sans

You were standing outside of the bathroom, snickering while holding up a video recorder. It was poking through the crack of the door, recording the inside. Sans suddenly appeared, and upon noticing you, he looked very surprised.

"You really shouldn't do that, it's an invasion-" he was cut off by you.

"Oh shut up, just come here, be quiet and listen," you beckoned him with your free hand.

"I'm not going to-"

Just then, the both of you heard a loud "NYEEEHEEHEEEHEHEH" from the bathroom. It was Papyrus singing, the whole reason you were laughing so much. Sans snorted, realizing why you had the camera. The two of you listened to his singing, and the whole tape caught it.

And so I cry sometimes when
I'm lying in bed
Hoping I join the guard
Before I'm dead
And I-I-I
I'm feeling
Like making more pasta
And so I wake up here in Snowdin
And I step outside,
Go to Grillby's where Sans
Keeps wasting time!
And I-I-I
Scream from the top of my ribs
What's boning on!?
And I say,
I said NYEH!
What's bonin' on!?
And I say,
I said NYEH!
What's bonin' on!?

Later on, at breakfast, Papyrus walked downstairs with a grin on his face.

"Hey, Pap. What's bonin' on?" you snickered.

Papyrus saw the looks on your faces.

"WHAT'S WRONG,?" he asked.

You looked at each other.

"Oh, nothing," Sans chuckled.

"I just feel... like making more pasta," you smirked. "I think I'll step outside and go to Grillby's,"

You made a sound, but Papyrus didn't seem to have heard. "WHAT WAS THAT?"

"I said NYEHEHEHEHE!" you sang.

"OH NO,"

"NYEHEHE. I said nyeh! What's bonin' on?" you and Sans laughed.


"No no, I recorded you," you said.


"Yup! And I know just who to send it to first," you snickered.


"Undyne will love this," Sans suggested.

"Good idea. I'll give it to her first, and then..." your voice turned to a whisper. "I'll give it to Mettaton,"


"Don't worry Pap, we're not actually going to," Sans reassured. "Right, (y/n)?"

"Nah, I'm not that cruel," you said. "Well, this has been hilarious, but I need to get to work,"

After a quick goodbye, you headed off to work. However, the day was not as hilarious as the morning had been. In fact, you were on the verge of a breakthrough but just couldn't get to it. It was infuriating, and you decided to go... let off some steam. Sans went to Grillby's that evening to find you nearly unconscious from the amount of alcohol you had drunk. You were a severe alcoholic, for your work could be extremely stressful.

"God damn it, (y/n)," he muttered, walking over to you.

You vaguely remembered him putting his hand on your shoulder. You also remembered him picking you up, carrying you home, and tucking you in bed. And you were fuzzy on the last part, but you think you remember someone kissing you on the forehead. But it was a strange kiss, you hadn't felt soft lips, but rather something hard like bone.

The next morning, you were drinking a cup of black coffee, and you had a raging hangover. You groaned at your migraine.

"Hey, Papyrus?" you called as you saw him walk sown the stairs.

"You wouldn't happen to have a noose or anything?" you joked.


"I'll stop when I'm dead," you slurred.

You sitting at the table, face down on the counter. Sans walked over to you, handing you some pain relievers. You took them immediately, and soon you felt the pain from your headache subsiding. A few days later, it was the weekend so you were working from home. Sans walked into your room to find you sitting on your bed surrounded by paperwork.

"It's your day off! Why are you working?" he asked.

"What? Oh, hey Sans. Yeah, I have a lot to get done by the end of the week," you groaned. "So, what are you doing here?"

Sans scratched the back of his neck bone. "Well, I wanted to talk to you about something,"

You noticed the baby blue blush on his face. "What's wrong? You're blushing,"

You stacked all of your documents in one, neat pile. Sans sat down next to you.

"I... I have something to confess,"

Sans was silent for a moment before speaking again. "Knock knock,"

You raised your eyebrows. "Who's there?"


"Pollen who?"

It took all of Sans' courage to say the next few words. "I think I've... "pollen" in love with you,"

Your breath hitched. You didn't know what to say.

"I- I don't know what to say,"

"If that isn't clear enough," Sans leaned over, kissing you on the lips.

Skeletons don't have lips, but even so, the kiss was amazing. You felt his bony hand gently hold your cheek. Sans moved his hand up to your hair, giving your wolf ear a scratch. You whimpered from the pleasure, and he smirked, continuing to pet you. Realizing Sans had complete control over you, you started rubbing a spot on his ribs between your fingers. He softly moaned, and you rubbed him some more. The two of you changed positions so that you were laying on the bed. Sans hovered over you, giving kisses down your neck. He nibbled and sucked, making sure to leave marks so that everyone knew you were his. Your foot accidentally kicked the paperwork off the bed, causing it to spread across the floor. Sans, knowing you weren't ready to have sex, gave you a small peck on the forehead before standing up.

"I'll let you finish your work. Don't stay up too late," he said, warping out of the room.

You blushed. You wondered what would come the next day.

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