What is one, lowly peasant boy in a world of implacable Kings and scheming, murderous Nobles?

One with a destiny beyond imagining.

Young Braen is a simple shepherd, like his father, and his before him. Nothing ever changes in the village of Stonesthrow, save for the turning of the seasons.

But when death finds him, the young man quickly learns that 'the end' is not so clear-cut.

At least, not for those granted the gift of immortality.


Author's note

(Some of the names and terms I've outright invented (which is most of them) might be confusing as far as their proper pronunciation goes, so here will be a (likely) ever-expanding list to aid you, dear reader, with just that!)

Braen - Bray-en (Celtic inspired)

Rion - Rye-on (Celtic inspired)

Meira - Meer-a

Patras - Pah-trahs (Mediterranean inspired)

Kleonic Marathon - Klee-oh-nik Marath-on (Kleon is derived from the Greek word 'Kleos' which means 'glorious'. 'Marathon' was the site of a famous battle during the Greco-Persian wars.

Urik - Your-ik (Anglo-Saxon inspired)

Obfuscationist - Ob-few-scay-shun-ist (Obviously not a 'real' word, but it damn well should be!)

6. Chapter 6


Braen floated in an endless ocean of blackness.


There was no time.


There was no sense of urgency.


All of the cares of the world were meaningless.


There was regret.


'Am i..........dead?'


A light appeared in the distance and slowly coalesced into a shape as it approached.




He lay there and stared off into the nothingness for a long time, content to float in the void, aimlessly.


'What of my Father?'


A pair of large, white wings suddenly appeared from behind the being's back, and Braen realized that he was an Angel: one of countless divine messengers, warriors, guides, and healers that had been tasked with mankind's well-being from the beginning of time.


'It was his time' the Angel said.


The regret he felt quickly became sorrow, and tears fell down his cheeks in rivers.


'Weep not, young one: his destiny has been fulfilled, and he is now free of suffering'


A pause. Then:


'He wants you to know that you are a good man and that he is proud of you'


Braen sat up.


'Can I see him?'


The Angel shook his head.


'He has already passed beyond the veil' 


Angrily, he stood up, not caring that he was naked.


'I need to see him-!'


'No. It is not yet your time. Your destiny has yet to be fulfilled'


Suddenly, a light filled the void, and the darkness began to recede.


'AWAKEN!' it said, in a booming voice, and Brean felt himself being pulled upwards by an intangible force.





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