What is one, lowly peasant boy in a world of implacable Kings and scheming, murderous Nobles?

One with a destiny beyond imagining.

Young Braen is a simple shepherd, like his father, and his before him. Nothing ever changes in the village of Stonesthrow, save for the turning of the seasons.

But when death finds him, the young man quickly learns that 'the end' is not so clear-cut.

At least, not for those granted the gift of immortality.


Author's note

(Some of the names and terms I've outright invented (which is most of them) might be confusing as far as their proper pronunciation goes, so here will be a (likely) ever-expanding list to aid you, dear reader, with just that!)

Braen - Bray-en (Celtic inspired)

Rion - Rye-on (Celtic inspired)

Meira - Meer-a

Patras - Pah-trahs (Mediterranean inspired)

Kleonic Marathon - Klee-oh-nik Marath-on (Kleon is derived from the Greek word 'Kleos' which means 'glorious'. 'Marathon' was the site of a famous battle during the Greco-Persian wars.

Urik - Your-ik (Anglo-Saxon inspired)

Obfuscationist - Ob-few-scay-shun-ist (Obviously not a 'real' word, but it damn well should be!)

5. Chapter 5

'Ya got that thousand yard stare going'


Braen looked up from his plate of mutton and bread and realized that he had indeed been staring off into space.


'Sorry Da' he said.


Outside, a few of the sheep had started bleating.


'What're ya thinking about?'


He picked at his food half-heartedly before replying.


'Just something Brother Davin told me'


'Oh aye? And what was tha-'


Suddenly, the entire flock began crying out.


William jumped up from his chair and grabbed his pitchfork that he kept in the event of wolf attacks.


'Braen! Light the lantern an' grab your staff!'


The boy quickly reached for the lantern that hung by the fireplace and proceeded to light the candle inside with some tinder. It was burned about halfway down, but the wick was still viable.


Reaching for his shepherd's staff, Braen quickly made his way out into the cold of the night...............and saw something that made his heart leap into his throat.


Someone had opened the gate, and most of the sheep had already fled.........


........or been driven out.


'God in heaven!' exclaimed his father as he desperately worked to keep the few remaining sheep in the pen. 'What kind of cruel bastard'd do somethin' like this?!'


Braen had already shut the gate back, but it was too late.


'I'll try and round up the others!' he said, hopping the fence.


'Be right behind ye!' 


Running like the wind, The youth began whistling for the missing sheep.


The moon was covered by thick clouds, making it difficult for him to see anything beyond the glow of the lantern.


After a few minutes, he found some of the missing sheep and stared in shock:


They all lay dead, stabbed in their throats with what could only have been a knife.


It quickly dawned on him that someone he knew and hated might be behind this.....................


.............And the cold iron blade that suddenly sprouted from his chest confirmed it.


'I'll say goodbye to your Daddy for you, scum!' whispered a hateful, bloodthirsty voice in his ear.


As Braen fell to the ground, gasping and watching his lifes-blood leave his body, Rion cleaned his blade on his victim's shirt and waited patiently for his next kill. 


He was fifteen summers of age when he died.



'I warned you of the price of inattentiveness, fool!'

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