The enchanted

The fire burns inside me as I stare him down. He smirks. Do Not Freaking Tell me that i can't defeat you. I will. I will hunt you down and rip off each of your limbs and shove them down your throat.


1. Samia Luna Tsukai

                 I woke up with a huge headache...The events of last night came rushing back. I groaned and flopped back down on my bed. Not much later I hear,  "Samia!!!! Your gonna be late!!!!! If you don't get your lazy butt down here I'll go up there and drag you down myself!!!!" My stupid brother shouted from down stairs.I sprang out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Showering is such a pain... See...I have really wavy hair but when it gets wet it gets out of control. I threw open my closet as I frantically looked for some clothes. I finally settled for a pair of black with silver high tops, a black veil brides band tee, and black ripped jeans. I stared at myself in the mirror critically. Eh... Good enough. I put on some mascara and gave myself a smoky eye, followed by a bit of lip stick. I tied a plaid long sleeve around my waist, grabbed my skate board and a muffin from the table, and headed to Hell. I was halfway to my new school when an idiot decided to jump in front of me. I honestly didn't care if I hit him which Of course I did. he was still on the floor as I got up. That jerk was on top of MY board! I walked over and pushed him off. "You freaking ran me over! Apologize peasant! Or else!" He yelled, holding his side as I picked up my board. Inspecting it, and dusting it off  I replied "Or else what? What could you possibly do that could stop me?" I said glaring as coldly as I possibly could. He gulped "you don't want to know" I laughed coldly "I don't want to know or you have no clue? what is the better answer there?" His face turned red "Just apologize!" I got on my board and turned to look at him with my black-red eyes. "I don't apologize to fools." with that I left. I chuckled as I played that memory over and over again. I had sensed the fear in his voice. I found that...Amusing. I walked up the steps of the school.  I went up to the office and asked for my schedule. I then was handed a different schedule. "What is this?" I asked. The lady looked surprised. "Why it is your schedule for teaching a self-defense class?" "Um...I don't know maybe it's a mista-"  "This young lady is the youngest kick boxer ever and I've been wanting her to teach the students a few things," A big burly man said as he waltzed into the room. I looked at him so confused. What is a teacher doing watching me fight? Either way he is so very wrong. The creatures I fight are not human, they are creatures that have lost all sanity. Created for darkness and pain.


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