Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


49. No match.

Brent jumped back as he slides over the ground:
"Boost me!" Brent shouted as he ran forward:
"Heimdall!" Hayden shouted as Brent was pushed by the gravity and flew forward:
"Rainbow wind!" Brent shouted as he spun the blade around. The scythe blade began to glow many colors:
"Combination attack Bifrost!" Brent and Hayden shouted:
"Sorry," Damion said as he pointed his gun at his himself:
"Stopwatch start," Damion said shooting the bullet into his head. Nothing happened. Brent hit him with the scythe blade. A rainbow-colored wind came from behind the blade and blasted Damion away. Damion smiled:
"Stopwatch...Time." Damion said as he pulled back the fan on the hammer with a finger. Damion suddenly was back in front of Brent. He moved forward quickly and tried to cut Brent over the chest. Brent quickly moved his chain forward. The wakizashi cut into the chain:
"That was close," Brent said:
"Really now? Two times!" Damion said as he shot a bullet just above Brent's shoulder. Brent was confused:
"Behind you!" Hayden shouted. There were two Damions now. The Damion behind Brent cut Brent over the back. Brent fell forward:
"Got you!" Damion shouted as the other Damion behind Brent suddenly vanished. Damion was about to thrust his wakizashi into Brent's chest:
"Freya!" Hayden shouted as Brent was tossed into the air:
"Fenrir!" Hayden then shouted as Damion was smashed into the ground:
"Going on the offensive now!" Hayden shouted as he ran forward:
"Tyr," Hayden said as the pressure surrounded his right leg:
"Stopwatch start," Damion said shooting himself in the head again. He moved forward quickly. Hayden swung his leg with full force. Damion smiled:
"Stopwatch...Time." Damion said and vanished back to where he stood. Hayden slammed his leg into the ground and shattered it:
"Da-Damn," Hayden said. Brent flew down from the sky:
"Forest breaker!" Brent shouted and cut the air. A massive wind shot down at Damion. Damion smiled:
"Tick," Damion said shooting a bullet into the wind. The wind stopped mid-air. Frozen in time. Brent looked confused. Damion slowly walked to the side:
"Tock," Damion said as the wind then started to move again and crash against the hospital roof.  Brent kicked the air and landed at Hayden's side. Damion smiled:
"Isn't it time for you two to hit me already?" Damion asked:
"We already hit you-" Brent said:
"Yeah. With our combination attack." Hayden said:
"Oh really? Where is my wound?" Damion asked as he looked down himself. There was nothing:
"What?" Hayden and Brent asked:
"Wait..." Hayden said as he looked at Damion:
"Did you remember he did a power. That stopwatch power. Do you think he can go back in time somehow?" Hayden asked:
"What do you mean?" Brent asked:
"When he started that stopwatch...Maybe he leaves himself there in time. So when the stopwatch stops he can get back to that point in time. A good way to avoid any form of damage." Hayden said. Brent's eyes widen:
"Well, one of you have a brain," Damion said as he lowers his glasses a bit so you could see his amber eyes. Brent blinked for a few seconds. Damion took a few steps forward with a grin:
"Here I thought you were gonna be a challenge," Damion said as he twirled the gun around in his hand:
"I will not hold back anymore. You had your chance." Damion said as he poked his blade with the revolver. Some golden gunpowder came out on the blade. The blade began to glow:
"One minute." Damion said under his breath. He then let go of the revolver. It vanished into nothing:
"Come to me Chronos!" Damion shouted as the blade began to glow powerfully:
"That power!" Hayden shouted as he took a step back. Damion smiled:
"Chronos the blade of timelines!" Damion shouted as yellow liens shot out from the blade. One of the yellow lines hit a frozen bird in the air. The bird turned into dust. Another line hit one of the water tanks. The tank turned into ore:
"Now. You two will face me." Damion said as he lowers the Wakizashi. He softly leaned his body down:
"Ready yourself Brent!" Hayden shouted:
"On it." Brent shouted as he began to spin the kusarigama around:
"Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock." Damion began to make the sounds of a clock. Damion suddenly looked up as his sunglasses broke apart so his amber eyes shined powerfully. Brent didn't even see it coming. Suddenly Hayden was flying off the roof and Damion stood at Brent's side. Damion looked at Brent:
"Shit!" Brent shouted just before he got hit by a leg in the stomach. Brent was tossed into the air:
"Come on Brent!" Damion shouted as he let go of the sword:
"Five seconds." Damion said as the Wakizashi
 vanished. Damion then spun around kicking Brent one more time. He spun around again hitting Brent over the face before dodging Brent futile retort of a swing with the scythe. Damion smiled and slammed his elbow into Brent's stomach:
"Three..." Damion counted under his breath as he then spun around kicking Brent in the face. Brent flew back:
"One minute times up!" Damion shouted as the revolver suddenly appeared in his hand. He pointed the gun behind him. He didn't even look but just shot it behind him only to hit Hayden who was trying to charge him from behind. Hayden froze in time:
"And times up five seconds." Damion said as the Wakizashi appeared in his hand again. He took a second to tap his foot on the ground before spinning around and slashing Hayden. Hayden came out of the freeze as he bleeds from his chest:
"Hayden!" Miu shouted. She stood a distance away. Hayden landed on the ground. Hayden was to the right of Damion and Brent to the left. Both of them on the ground. The two slowly stood up. Clearly hurt:
"Tick...Tock...Here I come again." Damion said as he suddenly was above Brent:
"I got you!" Hayden shouted and jumped up after Damion:
"Oh really?" Damion asked. Brent shot a wind up after Damion:
"Stopwatch start!" Damion shouted and shot himself. He then pointed his hand down to the wind:
"Tick!" Damion shouted and shot the wind so it froze in time. He then quickly spun around:
"Two times!" Damion shouted and shot his own leg. Another Damion appeared out of nowhere and threw the real Damion to safety. Hayden kicked Damion's clone:
"The clone is gone!" Hayden shouted:
"Tock." Damion said. The wind started moving again and hit Hayden:
"Sorry!" Brent shouted:
"Stopwatch...Time!" Damion shouted as he suddenly was back above Brent:
"Hey there!" Damion shouted. Brent's eyes widen. Damion spun around and kicked Brent in the face before moving his blade forward and cut Brent over the chest. Brent's eyes widen because of the pain. Both Brent and Hayden ended up on the floor again. Damion landed on the ground and exhaled:
"That is just sad." Damion said as he looked at them.

Miu was shaking Hayden's body. Brent was lying still. His two fairies turned into their normal forms and checked his status. Brent was breathing. He was gasping for air as he looked at the sky. 

Hayden was lying breathing still. He had one eye closed and had a hand in front of his other eye. You could see a bit of the red-eye between his fingers:
"Hey, Brent!" Hayden shouted.

"Yeah?" Brent answered.

"Let's do this," Hayden said standing up. Brent did the same. The two looked at Damion:
"Oh, what is that?" Damion asked:
"You thought we had no chance right?" Hayden asked:
"Of course," Damion said:
"Well. Let's try taking it seriously too." Brent said. Damion raised an eyebrow. Brent smiled and moved a hand to his chest:
"We practice this so many times...And it still scares me." Brent said:
"You can do it," Mayuri said:
"I hope so," Brent said as he closed his eyes:
"Mayuri ready yourself," Tiffle said. Mayuri placed her hands on Brent's back:
"You think I'm just gonna let you?" Damion asked as he ran forward:
"Valhalla!" Hayden shouted and made a giant pressure bubble around Brent, Mayuri, and Tiffle. Damion cut into it but didn't get through. Brent began to breath faster:
"Ready?" Brent asked under his breath the two fairies nodded:
"Now!" Brent shouted as he grasps his heart. A pure dark aura erupted from his chest:
"Oh. Hello!" Amaterasu shouted as her spiritual form came out of Brent's chest:
"Soul connection," Mayuri shouted and grabbed Brent's soul and pulled it out of his back. Tiffle turned into a scythe. Brent grabbed. The dark aura twisted around his soul:
"Conquer!" Brent shouted as his soul began to glow more. The dark aura didn't possess his soul the soul absorbed the dark energy and controlled it. Amaterasu smiled:
"So. I still can't get through huh." Amaterasu said as she just sat down. Brent's eyes turned green and red. His hair turned black with white spikes. His wings came out. The left one green the right one black:
"Fairy prince..." Brent said as he had achieved to conquer 25% of the unholy aura and control it. Valhalla vanished and Brent looked at Damion:
"This form was what you called the dark winds...What I called the fallen fairy. But right now it's the fairy prince. A form I learned to conquer." Brent said:
"I didn't know that," Damion said with an evil grin. The fight was about to continue.

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