Cloe is the only child of the leader of the Moon pack and she has no interest in taking over. Luckily, she meets someone who shares a similar frustration. Nightmares and love will soon start to blossom and it might bring more regret than happiness.


1. Cloe Chapter One

This is a prequel to The Unthinkable, but it's about Cloe, (I mean it's obvious since the title says 'Cloe' and not 'Aaliyah'.) not Aaliyah, but I do have a sequel for The Unthinkable planned. It's going to involve Ace, a lot of kids, and of course romance.

Sometimes I wish I had headphones. Cloe thinks as she flips through her textbook.

Her father seems to always be babbling about this moon pack he wanted his only child to take over.

I just want to go to school like a normal teenage girl, is that too much to ask? She thinks, mentally rolling her eyes. The moon mage glances over at her watch, "As interesting this conversation is, I have to go to school."

Cloe pushes herself onto her paws, packs her textbook into her shoulder bag via magic. She could feel her father's cold golden gaze on her, but she ignores it.

. . .

Cloe's ears twitch as she picks up conversations around her, a bit irritated she can't study in peace.

"There's a new kid coming in today," a female voice whispers softly to her friend.

"He looks cute," the other giggles.

I should've gone to homeschool. Cloe thinks, looking at the ceiling.

After the ending bell rings, Cloe makes her way to the next class. It was crowded in the halls, students talking at the same time making it impossible to tell what they were chattering about. A male light mage squeezes his way through the overfilled hallway, he spots her and cautiously walks. He, unfortunately, walks toward her, for some reason he strikes her as familiar.

"Do you happen to know anyway to get these girls to stop following me?" he asks in a low desperate whisper.

"You could ignore them or tell them to screw off."

The group gives her a dirty look, but Cloe doesn't care.

"I'm afraid I'm too nice for that," he chuckles then walks around her, "thanks for the help anyway, Cloe."

She abruptly turns around to question how he knew her name, but the group following him seems to have swallowed him. The moon mage feels compelled to chase him down and demand information. But, she doesn't, she walks her stunned mind to the next class.

. . .

Cloe feels like some kind of stalker. But, I'm not stalking, just following him while planning the whole conversation.

She was hidden in the bushes on the path, wondering when she should confront him. The light mage looks more relaxed since the school group wasn't following him. Cloe takes a deep breath and shakily steps out.

"Ahem, new kid."

He almost jumps five feet in the air, "Would it hurt to not give me a soul attack?"

"Then why is it perfectly okay to call a stranger by their name?"

The boy squints at her for several seconds. "Well, considering our fathers' are in a business agreement, I thought you already knew my name."

"That doesn't make it okay," Cloe shakes her head, "is this your first time going to a school?"

"You and I both know Moon and Light pack do not send their offspring to schools often," he sighs, rolling his purple eyes.


"I hope you don't mind my bluntness," a friendly smile spread on his light yellow lips, "would you like a walk?"

Cloe narrows her dark golden eyes, "Why would you ask something like that?"

"Well, when we go home, there'll be just training we don't even want in the first place." With that, he starts walking away.

The girl mulls over this, her brain reminds her she should go home and study. But, her soul thrives for knowledge and knew dang well this boy has a point. Cloe pads behind him, "If I'm going to be walking with you, I should know your name."


"Uh-huh, what's that mean?"

The light mage raises an eyebrow, "Why, does your name mean something?"

"Something to do with blooming."

"It literally means breath."

Cloe snorts. "So, does your father expect you to take over some pack just because of only child bullcrap?"

"Yes, it's really annoying, it's just not my thing." Abel shrugs.

Cloe didn't usually have anyone to talk to, she never liked to, but talking to someone who shares a frustration similar to hers was comforting.

. . .

Her pencil shifted in her magic grip, she could barely concentrate. She rubs her forehead. What is wrong with me. She looks around a few times, catching creatures staring at Abel. He isn't the only cute boy in the room, you know. Cloe rolls her eyes before returning her focus to the paper.

The rest of the day rolls smoothly, she took another stroll with Abel after school. For the sole purpose of avoiding their fathers. The night didn't promise good dreams, however.

. . .

Cloe had found herself on the edge of the dark forest, the area dark all around her. A moon mage pup cowering near her front paws and a familiar light mage swaying on his limbs. Blood was dripping off his fur and his vacant purple eyes staring right at the two. It looked like Abel, but she didn't know why she would dream about him wounded. She couldn't understand what the pup was all about either.

It was a miracle he wasn't flat on the ground, both wings had been bent at a horrifying angle. Since the wing bones were connected to the backbone, his back also looked deformed.

Then she woke up, her tail curling around herself. Cloe did not have the slightest clue why she had that terrifying and confusing nightmare.

She didn't tell anyone about the dream and had no plans to. Cloe took her usual path to class, student conversations forcing themselves into her ears.

"Did Abel really hurt himself playing football?"

"Yeah, he broke a wing…"

That's when she seems to stop picking up sound and her brain forgot to command motion to her paws. A chilling grip held tight to her soul. After a moment, she could finally move again. But, she did not go to class. Instead, her legs lead her to the nurse's office.

"Way to go, you managed to break your wing in something as simple as football," the sarcastic voice of Cloe makes Abel jump slightly.

"Let's give me a soul attack while we're at it," the light mage huffs, swishing his tail.

"So, why football?"

"Those professionals were mocking me," Abel defends, putting a paw on his chest.

Cloe raises an eyebrow.

"Fine, I felt like they were mocking me with their eyes, yet they let me try to beat them at their own game."

Cloe sighs, shaking her head. "You're so stupid."

"I'm easily offended, not stupid," the male pouts.

The moon mage female spins on her paws, "Try not to break anything else, I'm going to class."

"Have fun," Abel says as she left.

She had to force the tempting smile off her lips, a smile of amusement.

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