In Love With A Rebel

This story is About a bullied nerd named mark who soon falls in love with the new student Cl who is a strong , Funny , Outgoing , Rebel ... which changes marks life for the better or worse...


1. Meet the cast










Lee Chaelin As: CL> " Cl Parents died when she was little Leaving Her to become A Hateful ,Rude ,Rebel making everyone fear her But ,That soon changes when she meets the school nerd." 








Mark Yi En Tuan As: Mark> " Mark Is a straight A student also Know as " The nerd " Which Is what he is usualy bullied for...He is A Quiet , energetic , Intovert who is respectful to everyone .On the other hand, His world Is soon turned upside down when he meets the new girl. 








Park Chae Young As: Rose> " She is CL childhood bestfriend , She Is a bubbly ,Cute, Fun Girl the totally Opposite of her bestfriend ...She is Happy no matter what brings her down she is what you call a " Go get it Person" And that Is one thing is that special about her."





Wang Ka Yee As: Jackson> " Jackson Is a serious , Cool , Laidback Kinda guy and is also Marks childhood friend He And Mark have been friends since birth and Are like two peas in a pot However, He soon develops feelings for Cl and wonders wither or not he has shoot."









Lim Na-Yeon As: Nayeon> " She Is the popular girl of the school all so know as the " Mean girl " She bullies Mark to hide her feelings for him However, She soon finds her self fighting for him."




Supporting Cast:

BTS As: " Bullies "

Mr. Johnson  As: " Teacher "

Mr.Gutowski As: " Principle "

Miss. Lee As: " Detention Teacher "



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