Space and Rhyme: A Cluster of Sci-Fi Poems

The universe can be a very inspiring place. This movella features fifteen of the author's science fiction poems. Each one tells a fascinating story, stirring the imagination and provoking thought.


1. UnEarth

Spinning someplace in the blackness of space,
A peculiar world hosts an unhuman race.

Rethink reality, abandon earthly notions.
Here, cerulean seas;
There, prismatic oceans.

Macro quantum motion;
Instantaneous locomotion.

No need for roads -
Teleport to go.
No streetlight, no lamppost
The trees, you see, they glow.

"Action rules the day" -
That's what we say.
Yet far away,
They've found a better way.

Telepathic speech;
Telekinetic reach;
Lovely thoughts no less essential
Than the air they breathe.

Nothing remains the same there -
'Tis a world in constant flux.
No looping patterns.
Newness always interrupts.

No doctors can be found.
Hospitals not around.
Sickness doesn't exist.
Dis-ease relegated to myth.

Millions o' years in antiquity past,
An epic discovery was cast.
A cure unveiled, a panacea revealed -
Reverberating across the cosmic field.

On every world,
In each dimension,
Lurks this secret
Of terrestrial ascension.

Uncovered by few, coveted by all -
Grasp it to rise;
Miss it and fall.

Mind over matter?
Mind is the only matter.
All else - secondary factors.

Perplexed is UnEarth that we earthlings
Have yet to understand one thing -
"Mind is King"

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