Space and Rhyme: A Cluster of Sci-Fi Poems

The universe can be a very inspiring place. This movella features fifteen of the author's science fiction poems. Each one tells a fascinating story, stirring the imagination and provoking thought.


3. SuperStar

I bask in the glory of your warm embrace
As your photonic fingers caress my face,
Looking down on me, there you are.

Who am I to share in your energy?
Why do I deserve your rays to enter me?
How is it that you don't seem so far?

I stand in awe under the celestial synergy,
Shine on - so goes my inner plea,
You are my brilliant SuperStar.

I wonder how and when you came about,
I ponder when you will ultimately flame out,
Then my world will go dark.

Tales abound of a yellow dwarf,
Lighting a place known as Earth,
A blue gem that war has marred.

My people have traveled there,
But I am just fine right here,
Soaking up the red hue of my SuperStar.

Stationed up there in your constellation,
You bring me so much consolation,
Your core has reached my heart.

Shine on, my wondrous SuperStar.

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