Space and Rhyme: A Cluster of Sci-Fi Poems

The universe can be a very inspiring place. This movella features fifteen of the author's science fiction poems. Each one tells a fascinating story, stirring the imagination and provoking thought.


6. Eye On Me

Is this it?
Am I about to die?
I missed the chance
To say goodbye.

I can't decide
To scream or cry.
My palms are moist
And my mouth is dry.

My lids feel heavy,
Blocking my sight.
Every joint aches,
My muscles are tight.

Everything in me
Wants to fight.
But resistance isn't an option,
Neither is flight.

I can't move.
My body's paralyzed.
How did I get here?
Where am I?

And what is this table
On which I lie?
Why is this happening?
Why, O God, why?

I can't get up,
No matter how hard I try.
What pain in my side!
Nothing about this is right!

Strangely enough,
My left leg feels electrified.
I feel it moving up,
Up to my thigh.

At last my lids
Open I manage to pry.
In fly rays
Of an unearthly light.

To my surprise,
My raging mind begins to quiet.
I cannot sense
Anyone by my side.

But before I can
With relief sigh,
Something unbelievable descends
As if from the sky.

Coming into view,
Invading my sight,
Is a giant, artificial eye
Like a scene from sci-fi.

Remotely controlled,
Featuring tech that is high,
Hypnotic and robotic,
Clearly programmed with A.I.

Inches away from my flesh,
Rapidly rotating clockwise,
Attached to a mechanical arm,
Pulsing flashes of light.

Up and down my body it does glide,
Not touching but positioned nigh.

If I somehow live forever,
Never having to die,
I will always remember this night
With the otherworldly Eye.

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