Space and Rhyme: A Cluster of Sci-Fi Poems

The universe can be a very inspiring place. This movella features fourteen of the author's science fiction poems. Each one tells a fascinating story, stirring the imagination and provoking thought.


5. E.S.P.

I am hurting
As I stand here alone.
Worry grips me.
I feel it in my bones.

Often I wonder,
Why this pain I must endure?
Frequently I dream
Of recovery and cure.

But hold everything -
What is this I now feel?
Moving up my leg,
Can this really be real?

I have never felt this way
From any pain-relieving pill.

My whole body feels electric,
Suddenly my nerves are chilled.
The ache is no more hectic.
Why, I do believe I'm healed!

I have some things to ask
As tears glide down my cheeks.
What is this experience?
What's happening to me?

I am overtaken by euphoria,
Whereas before I was bedeviled.
I feel that I'm soaring up
To a loftier spiritual level.

I don't want this to end,
It's beyond the ken of men.
In a way it is akin
To an energetic wind.

What blessing! What Godsend!
I am beginning to transcend.

What could be the source
Of this paranormal arc?
What is the force
Behind this rapturous spark?

I can feel from whence it starts,
Climbing up my left leg,
Which bears an outlandish mark -
The residue of an alien encounter
Experienced after dark.

What did "they" do to me?
What is the technology in play?
How can it electrify me
And drive my pain away?

Tho' limited is my perception,
Still I have E.S.P.
(E)lectric (S)piritual (P)henomenon
It's as tangibly real as can be.

To this end
I have gone lyrical,
To express my discovery -
The universe is spiritual.

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