Catching Fire

The sequel to 'Feud'


3. WTF!!!!!

I am totally not allowed to look at my uncle.

'' Then why are you looking at your uncle?''

I stared at the back of my uncle's head as he turned to the sweet's section. I just hoped with all my heart that Haris did not have the urge to satisfy his sweet tooth

'' Whats wrong Amaan, you look worried'' Haris chuckled.

'' Tell him there is nothing funny about the situation he put us in.''

'' I'm fine. Honestly'' I say dishonestly. He looked at me for a few seconds, his gaze lingering on my face as if to search for any sign of lies, and it felt like eternity. When he finally broke off, he began searching for a drink to quench his thirst, as my eyes began searching for my uncle who apparently disappeared off the face of the earth.

'' Thats a good sign isn't it?''

'' Not if he is still in the shop somewhere.''

Myself stepped out of me and looked right at me. It felt weird, looking at a reflection of, well, myself, that only I could see.

'' I'm totally crazy'' I muttered as I realized how strange it was to talk to an imaginary-self. I looked around, still nervous to hear my uncle shout 'AMAAN! You're supposed to be at mosque! Wait until I tell your mother!' But those words did not at all come to curse my eardrums.

I felt my body begin to relax again, because Myself was right, for once...

'' Only Once?!''

If I couldn't see my uncle, he couldn't see me, right? Haris had a bottle of LSV in his hand so that meant he just needed to pay for it and we could get the heck out of here. We walked towards the counter and I caught sight of the white clock hanging on the wall. Half an hour late to mosque- not bad for a 'new' rebel at beginner's level. Myself stood behind me patiently and watched with increasing impatience as Haris payed for the drink.

'' Would you fucking hurry up, Haris? Amaan's mum is going to slaughter him if she finds out he was here- with you!''

As if Haris heard, he spun around and dropped some of his change in a charity box before saying, '' Lets go, we are late enough.''

Sometimes in books, the writer always leaves some clues to the reader that somehow leads to a big event.Not in real life though. Things just pop up, like the time my dad drove over a dog on accident. He was happily driving onto our rode, the sun was setting and the breeze was picking up just as he went over a speed ramp that turned out to be a German shepherd. That is how it was when Haris and I walked the few minutes to mosque. One second everything was calm and then all of a sudden my heart rate accelerates as I once again see my uncle walking towards us. It did not look as if he saw us two...

'' Us three you mean. I exist too you know.''

'' You dont exist according to everyone else'' I told Myself.

'' But I still exist. You cant change the facts.''

It did not look like he saw us three, but I was not going to take any chances. I ducked behind Haris just as my hapless uncle walked past.

'' What are you doing?'' Haris hissed, but there was an element of laughter in his voice as people began staring at me as if I just came from a mental hospital. Its unfair really, how Haris is immune to feelings of embarrassment and guilt and all the other negative emotions, but I'm just showered by them. I managed to crack a laugh, which made Haris laugh which made me laugh even more, as I said before, happiness is contagious....

We kicked our shoes off as soon as we entered mosque, and despite the fact that we were surely going to be told off for being late, there was an unspoken aura of humor that somehow managed to follow us inside. Haris was no stranger to being scolded at by the teachers, since he was not exactly the most well-behaved angel in our class, but his confidence made me feel confident as we both stepped across the threshold into our classroom, and my stomach began to hurt in the funniest way...


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