Catching Fire

The sequel to 'Feud'


2. Monday Afternoon.....

'' You've been waiting outside for him for twenty-five minutes now''

'' I know'' I told Myself.

'' How long did he say he'd take?''

'' Ten minutes.''

'' He's a bit of a liar then isn't he?''

The sun's golden rays kissed the earth and tenderly tickled the playful breeze, which combed my hair with it's thick fingers. I looked about nervously. Anyone could catch me waiting outside Haris's door. My house was only a minute's walk away at most from his house, so living on the same road as your best friend did have some downfalls.

I looked again at Haris's stubborn door, which refused to open up and reveal my best friend so that we could quickly pop to the shops, grab a snack and get to mosque using the long route so that we don't get caught. My eyes desperately stared at the door number '105', as if telepathy using my pupils would work. Apparently not. If I get caught today by my parents, who knows what could happen? I was already in serious trouble for getting a detention in school today...

'' You can thank me for that'' Myself interrupted.

'' It's bad manners to eavesdrop.'

He peeled himself out of my body and began banging his fist onto the door.

'' OPEN UP!''

'' SSSSH! Haris will hear you!'' I warned. A heartbeat later, Haris opened the door, flashed a smile and walked right through Myself.

'' Sorry I took so long. You should've gone without me'' the humbleness in his tone surprised me.

''I told him to go without you ten minutes ago but he wouldn't listen'' Myself hissed, just before climbing back into me and examining the world through my head.

'' It's alright. I would've waited a century for you if you told me to'' I responded.

He smiled at that and we began strolling towards the corner shops, just as I my eyes caught the shape of someone who looked scarily like my uncle.

'' SHIT!'' Myself cursed as a blissful ignorance dragged the figure closer towards us. I wanted to tell Haris that my uncle would, without a doubt, snitch to my parents that he caught a sighting of us two skiving mosque together. I wanted to tell him to hide in that shop we just walked past, because that Chocolate Freddo really did look delicious or to ditch that whole idea of going to the shops today because I wasn't really in need of a snack. Suddenly, my uncle took a left and entered a sweet shop. I sighed with relief. The feeling was short-lived as I realized with dreading horror that Haris was intending of going there too. Haris walked into the shop, oblivious to all the conflicting thoughts and emotions flooding my brain as I had no choice but to follow...


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