Mafiatale: Sans x Reader

Mafiatale fanfiction with sans x reader.


2. II

Over the next few weeks, you learned what it was like to lose your freedom. You no longer could do what you wanted, and it made you angry. But you couldn't do anything about it, for they would kill Rose. You found Belle Rose in an alleyway. She was looking through a dumpster, trying to find food. But unbeknownst to her, you were there for her. You had been hired to kill her, for she was the daughter of someone that had gotten on the bad side of a gang. This was their way of getting revenge. You had already killed her parents, and now she was the only one left. But you took one look at her and knew you couldn't kill a little girl. This was two years ago, and ever since then you had protected Rose. You had told the gang that had given you the job that you had killed her, hiding the small girl from everyone. You couldn't bear to see her in pain. So you went along with Gaster, planning your revenge all the while.

One morning, you were called in early for a mission. It was to spy on a group of people that wanted to trade goods, such as weapons. But Gaster wanted to make sure they weren't going to betray the gang, so he was sending you and Sans undercover. You would be going to a fancy party together. You were currently sitting in your and Sans' shared room, not speaking. You could definitely kill Sans before he could react, but you probably wouldn't get lucky enough to find Rose and kill everyone before they got to her first. So you chose, turning when Papyrus walked in. He handed you a box, not looking at you, but instead the floor.

"Gaster told me to give this to you," he said, handing a similar box to Sans.

As he left, you looked inside. It had a fancy dress inside.

"Oh, fuck no," you said.

Sans leaned over, looking in your box. "What, you don't like dresses?"

"Not particularly,"

"Why not?" he asked, confused.

"They aren't easy to fight in," you groaned when you saw the high heels underneath the dress.

There was also a makeup set, nail polish, hair dye and a curling iron, causing you to sigh. You weren't one for any of that. After you had put on the makeup, you had red lips, long, black eyelashes, rosy cheeks and shadowed eye shadow with black eyeliner to go with. You undid the messy bun you had been wearing and picked up the hair dye that was in the box. You carefully dyed your white stripe black and curled your hair with the curling iron. Then you painted your nails and toenails red and you were finally ready to put on the dress. You turned to Sans, who had put on his clothes. He was wearing a tuxedo that had a black jacket, a white collared shirt, a red vest and black pants. His black dance shoes were shiny and a he had a red bow tie. You were confused on when he had changed.

"Hey, Sans?" you asked, causing him to turn to you.

His smile widened at your transformation. "You look great,"

"Thanks. Um, I'm going to change, so I thought I'd let you know," you said.

Sans blushed a baby blue. "Right, okay,"

You turned away and slowly slid off your clothes. You had been wearing a t-shirt and some jeans but now you were just in black g-string panties. Sans felt like a horrible person for having to watch you undress. He had had to do this whenever you changed, and it made your relationship even more uncomfortable than before. You had to take off your bra because it had a low back. Stepping into the dress, you pulled it up. You tied the string straps around your neck and put on the shoes. Turning to Sans, you were finally done.

The dress was blood red, tight around your body, and went all the way to your ankles. It had a slit on the right side that went all the way to your upper thigh, so at least you could move a little. The back went almost to your butt. More than a little of your cleavage was visible. The heels were red stilettos, and you were very happy that you knew how to walk in them.

"You ready to go?" he asked.

"Yeah," you said.

You both headed off to start the mission, but you were stopped by Gaster. "Well, you clean up nicely, (y/n). Alright, since this is undercover, I'm giving you both false identities, You'll be Warren Madison, and you're his wife, Elle Madison,"

You both blushed. Gaster didn't seem to have noticed, continuing.

"Neither of you can bring weapons because the party has security that will be searching every invitee. But you shouldn't need them anyways. If everything somehow goes to hell, (y/n) is very good at hand-to-hand combat,"

Yeah, you remember that, Gaster. I'll be killing you with my own two hands, you thought.

"Don't worry, sir. We won't disappoint you," you said sweetly, completely masking your hatred towards the gang's godfather.

You both headed off to the party, arriving in New Home in a half-hour. Gaster was right, you were personally searched by the security for any and all weapons. A woman was escorted out for having bobby pins in her purse. The man that was searching you decided to be a little extra "thorough" with your breasts. Neither you nor Sans could say anything, because that would get you in trouble. You entered the party to find a gorgeous ballroom with lots of dancers.

"Oh, shit," you muttered.

"What's wrong?"

"I can't dance," you replied quietly.

Sans smiled. "Everyone can dance. Come on,"

He lead you to the dance floor, putting your hands around his neck and putting his around your waist. It was a good thing that you were as short as him, otherwise it would look awkward. You swayed to the music, and soon you found yourself enjoying it. Three songs later, Sans noticed the man you had come for enter the ballroom. You waited until he was alone to make your move. Leaving Sans to "get a drink," you walked over to the weapon dealer. He was a seahorse from Waterfall by the name of Aaron. He was leaning against a wall, looking uninterested until he saw you. He smiled, straightening his posture. You stood next to him, not talking but pretending to be interested when he spoke.

"What's a pretty young lady doing here all alone?" he asked.

"I'm only here for the dancing. I'm not very good, but I was hoping that maybe I could find someone to help me," you said innocently.

He smiled. "Well, I know a thing or two about dancing. What's your name?"

"Elle Madison,"

"Is there a Mr. Madison?" he asked hopefully.

"Yes. But he's very mean, he never does anything with me. I'm always lonely,"

"I'm Aaron. It's very nice to meet you," he said, leading you to the dance floor.

You pretended to be clumsy, leaning on Aaron. You also pretended to get better, as he was "helping" you learn how to dance. About an hour later, he said you were a great dancer.

"Thank you so much, how can I ever repay you?" you said, smirking on the inside. Everything was going exactly as planned.

"Well, there may be one thing. Will your husband miss you if you leave for a little while?" he asked.

Oh shit. This isn't the plan.

"He'll probably notice,"

"Why don't we leave anyways? I live very close by," he said.

"I don't want him to get mad at me,"

He put a gun to your stomach, making sure no one else could see it.

"Are you sure?"

"How- how did you get that thing in here?"

"I'm very friendly with the security. Now, are you sure you don't want to come with me?"

You didn't know what to do. You were fast, but not faster than a bullet, especially one pressed to your stomach. You nodded, and he leaded you out a side door. He took you to a large building, leading you inside. He took you to a master bedroom, dimming the lights.

"Get on the bed,' he ordered.

It'll be fine, Gaster said. I'm trained in hand-to-hand combat, Gaster said.

You did so and you saw an evil glint in his eyes. All you had to do was wait for him to put down the gun and then you could easily kick his rapist ass. Unfortunately for you, he didn't put the gun down.


You knew this was not going to end well. You were hesitant, unsure what to do.

"I said strip,"

You slowly undid the straps around your neck.


You pulled the dress off, leaving you in only the g-string underwear. Aaron walked over to you, putting the gun to your head.

"Take off my belt,"

Your hands shook as you reached for his belt. You watched your hands, and you saw Aaron fall to the ground in pain. You saw Sans standing at the doorway, gun in hand. He had shot Aaron in the leg.

"(y/n), are you okay?" he asked.

You quickly grabbed your dress to cover yourself up. "Yeah,"

"What the hell happened? How come you couldn't...?" he drifted off as he saw your face.

"He had a gun to my head, Sans. I'm not faster than a bullet," you said slowly.


You put the dress back on, and the two of you headed back out in silence. According to Sans, while you had been trying to seduce Aaron to get him to talk, he had learned that Aaron didn't have the weapons in the first place. He had been scamming people for years, and several gangs had been looking for him. As the two of you walked back, Sans finally spoke.

"So it seems that your loyalty to the gang is definite,"


"You were willing to go through that to get information. I'm guessing that's why you didn't let him kill you? I mean, it's obvious you don't care whether you live or die,"

No, the reason is that I want to live to kill you all.


Sans was silent for a moment before he spoke again. "(y/n), I have something to tell you. We weren't supposed to tell you, but it's obvious that you aren't just here for the girl anymore. When we took Belle Rose, we put her in a cell. But... she wasn't very cooperative. It was really hard for Papyrus to stop her from escaping, so he... ended up taking drastic measures,"

You were confused. "I don't understand,"

"He... Papyrus... He had to get her to stop hitting and using her magic against him. It was all in the moment, you have to understand,"

"What are you saying, Sans?"

Sans finally said it. "Belle Rose is dead, (y/n). I'm sorry,"

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